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Hello everyone!!

So recently I've been really slacking on idols' birthdays and I always feel bad when I do since they deserve to have a birthday card made for them!!!!

...But I've been slacking!! Dx I did feel the need to at least make something for P.O for his birthday since Block B is having a comeback soon~!! And you know....because of his mother.....

So this card is dedicated both to P.O and the wonderful woman who brang him into this world.

And there you all go, a beautiful spam of the dorky and crazy P.O of Block B!! Aka the maknae!!

(I know, I was surprised too when I found out cX)

All week my heart has been heavy because of his loss....But this is a happy time and it's time to relay on happy things and not the sad ones!! There's a comeback coming soon!! And I am so flippin' excited!!! I just hope all of the promoting and stuff won't be too hard on P.O... Hell, I hope they don't force him to promote...!!

But anyway, I personally love this guy to death and he almost became my bias!! I sometimes wish he did because this guy is all sorts of good and happy things mixed together. Yum~ Cx He's super freaking tall!! He's incredibly funny and just plain out silly that he's always makign me smile and laugh at his derpiness.

And then.....his voice!! God damn I love the growl in his voice whenever he laughs, and how his voice makes him sound so badass! But you can also hear the taunting/laughter in his voice~ Haha maybe that's just me, but I can hear it!! I swear I'm not crazy!! His voice is just....god, everything perfect about a rapper's voice *-*

Anyway, I need to sleep and I shoud finish this up now. I love P.O so much and I hope for everything that he had an amazing birthday today. I really truly hope that he was able to smile and laugh and just have a good time with either his family or the other members. He deserves to be happy and healthy and he did not desesrve to ever have to go through a tragedy like this one, but it's life, sadly...But I hope you all also have an amazing day today, as well of course C: We love you so much P.O!! Never forget that! Happy birthday!!!! Stay healthy and fighting!

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poor p.o.happy birthday I love you remember that your mommy is in a better place and she's in god's hands
Happy birthday!
Poor sweetie! I hope He's doing ok 😢