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K-con Rom Com(Rap Monster One-Shot)

So a lot of people liked my Taehyung one-shot (based on all the likes ^u^) so i decided to do another? It'll be a little... how do i say... unrealistic? lol but it's just for fun. I'll try to make it as realistic as possible~ Enjoy mah little mittens x3

Let me know if you want to be tagged in future BTS one shots!~

Her P.O.V:    
K-con New York, 2017. I was so happy that this year, i didn't have to fail at begging my mother to get me tickets, since i had a part-time job. It wasn't much, but i did what i could to help with the bills, and still have a little left for myself. Unfortunately, the tickets were so expensive it would've taken me a months worth of work to get the seats i wanted. I reluctantly settled for the cheapest, still ending up happy!      

I got to see so many amazing performances, but the one's that obviously stuck with me were BTS's. They were my bias group after all. It was all so surreal, as it was my first concert. Once i saw them step onto the stage, my throat strained and i screamed as loud as i could. I grinned from ear to ear, laughed and sang along to every single song. Surprisingly, a lot of people knew the lyrics. BTS seemed pleased by that, especially Rap Monster. I could tell he'd learned more English, as well as Jungkook. It was the cutest thing i'd seen in my lifetime.    
Once it was all over, i decided that i didn't want to go home and settled for eating pizza. I scrolled through all the pictures i took that were blurry, but still memories i'd hold close with me for a long time. Biting into a slice of pizza, i giggled as i played a video of the guys forcing poor SUGA to do aegyo. God did i know he hated it. Upon other things he wasn't too loving with about the idol life, but he tried for us. I scrolled through twitter, sighing at the people releasing information about K-con. Honestly, people from LA could see it and it could spoil the entire experience for them, but that was none of my business. I kept my pictures and videos to myself, smiling like a dummy.    
After about two hours of just sitting in a pizza place, randomly laughing and looking like an idiot alone on my phone, i walked over to central park. It wasn't that far from the event location, and it was still a little early, so i wanted to get some fresh air before going home. I plucked my headphones from my bra, where i stored everything in case someone tried to steal from me at the concert, and plugged them into my song. Pulling up spotify, i played the entire WINGS album on shuffle at a low volume, taking a seat on an park bench.    
Someone was already sitting on it, but knowing how the city people were, i sat as far away as possible, and didn't look up to see their face. People easily got offended, especially homeless people, so it was best to keep to yourself.    
I tucked a long strand of my pastel pink hair behind my ear, letting the wind try it's best to throw it into dissaray. I sang softly along to "BEGIN," Jungkookie's song, and watched the people walk by with their friends, family, lovers, and pets. Some were lonely though, and my mind pestered me to figure out why. One woman was dressed in a full suit, her hair tied tightly into a bun as she trotted down in heals. Her face was slightly puffy, and cheeks stained with tears and mascara. I silently wished things would get better for her.    
From the corner of my eye, i saw a notebook sized sheet of paper make it's way towards me. I looked down to my side just in time for the end of it to tuck itself beneath my thigh, the person pushing it obviously doing so to make sure the wind didn't blow it away. My brows knitted together curiously, and i picked up the paper to read it, almost instantly recognizing the hand writing.
Hello :)          
I noticed you were singing Jungkookie's song. I wanted to tell you that you have a lovely voice. Also, did you know your hair is my favorite color? Haha. Anyways, I didn't want to bother you so i wrote a note instead. I don't think you saw me either, so you don't need to respond.
My eyes widened as i read the un-needed signature. I knew who it was as soon as i read "hello." I struggled to gather my thoughts, not wanting to look up, in fear that i'd freak out and make a complete and utter fool of myself. My cheeks heated up a bit, and i decided to keep quiet. If i spoke, i would definitely say something stupid. I simply opened the notepad on my phone, and wrote "Pen?" then slid my phone over to him.    
He pushed my phone back, and place his pen next to me. I smiled, attempting to use my hair as a shield but the wind was so against me at the moment. I whispered a thank you, barely even able to make it audible. I hummed along to "Blood Sweat, and Tears" as i wrote back.
Annyeong, Namjoonie-Oppa~ :)          
Thank you for the compliment. Also, yes i did know my hair was your favorite color. It's mine too! Haha. You're also right, i didn't notice you. People from the city are sometimes aggressive if you look at them, so i keep my eyes on the ground when i'm on my own. You're not bothering me either! You've actually made me quite happy! I just don't want to talk, afraid that i might say something stupid.
I quietly slid the paper back over to him, tucking the edge under his thigh just as he'd done to me. The song had stopped, and i heard him chuckle lightly as he read the letter. It was quiet for a few seconds before he tapped my shoulder. Instantly, i knew i had to look at him. It'd be rude if i didn't. I was expecting for my chocolate eyes to grow in size and shock at seeing him so close. I thought i'd stutter, feel light headed, or even pass out. In reality though, it was like... seeing an old friend. I'd already known so much about him through his mixtape and when he'd talk about his trainee days, family and childhood. It felt.. normal. It felt right.
I met his eyes and smiled softly, turning in my seat to see him more comfortably. I removed my headphones and bowed my head in respect, earning the same from him. I'd be lying if i said it wasn't even slightly intimidating. He was gorgeous with that purple hair of his. He had his cute little glasses on and a notebook in his lap. I assumed he was writing.
"I love your name," He spoke finally. His voice was a wave of comfort and i couldn't wipe the smile off my face.    
"Thank you oppa. Were you writing?" I asked shyly, pointing to his book. He looked down at it for a moment and nodded.    
"Was." he smiled teasingly. "You distracted me-"    
"Oh i'm.. I'm sorry i didn't mean to! I can l-"    
"No no no i didn't mean it in a bad way!" He rushed to explain. He smiled reassuringly at me, and i pouted at him, reaching over to poke his shoulder.    
"You scared me oppa." I whined. He laughed rather loudly, attempting to cover his mouth before dropping his hand. It was a cute habit of his, one that i loved dearly. It was just one of the many things I, and ARMY's loved about Kim Namjoon. "Anyways, i'm sure whatever you're writing, us ARMY's will love dearly. Anything you write and put your time and effort into, we love. Just don't-"    
"Overwork myself?" he asked, practically reading my mind. I nodded seriously. He nodded back, clearly knowing not to. He most likely herd that from more than just his fans, but his family and staff as well. I sighed, asking for his pen back. His brows knitted together in confusion, but he gave it back anyways. I took the paper back as well, flipping it on it's back.    
"Do this poor, caring, worried, and loving ARMY a favor, and try to use this small break between stops as a mini-vacation. You more than deserve it, regardless of what you may think. You and the rest of BTS deserves it. You should listen to me, though, you're not obligated too." I smiled, writing down two adresses to places that would most definitely relieve their stress and give them a small break.    
"I understand your concern but-"    
"No oppa, you really don't," I sighed, telling him to give me his hand. He hesitantly raised it, and i calmly placed the paper in his hand, folding his fingers over it. "I know you're most likely going to say 'i'm happier now than i've been in a while.' Or 'I'm just writing, it's not a big deal,' but to us it is. To me it is. You guys have a booked schedule ahead of you, and i have no doubt you're planning on another album release. You're only here for two more days, so make the most of it oppa. Please? Do i have to beg you? I will. Trust me, i'll do it. In front of everyone in this park i'll get on my knees and-"
"Okay," he laughed, now begging me with his eyes to not do that. I smiled, nodding happily. I stood up, tucking my phone into my back pocket and headphones back into my bra before standing in front of him. I pointed a scolding finger at him, and scrunched up my face.

"Promise me."    
He rolled his eyes, but i could see a small smile curving onto his lips. He stood up, towering over my small frame and nodded. I groaned, moving back a bit to cross my hands over my chest.    
"Not a single bone in my body believes you oppa."    
"Why? I promise! I'll take it easy for the next to days!"    
"Caught in a liiiiieeeeee," I sang accusingly. He laughed and ruffled my hair, before opening his book. He took the cap of his pen between his lips, pulling it off, and wrote something down. He ripped the paper out, and grabbed my hand.    
"Yah, here." I looked down at the paper he'd placed in my hand, and a few numbers were written on it. My eyes widened and i looked up at him confused.

"That's one of my Kakaotalk ID's. If you don't believe me, message me on there tomorrow. I'll be sure to update you, so long as you keep a promise too."    
"And what is that oppa?" I asked, drawing my brows together. I tucked the paper into my back pocket, and he slipped on his mask and jacket. he raised a brow, and pointed a scolding finger at me just as i had.    
"Don't give me a reason not to trust you, and you can have my actual Kakaotalk-"    
"Really?" I asked, beyond confused. "But.. but... but i'm a fan-"    
"And i'm a good judge of character. So, as i said. Don't give me a reason not to trust you, and we can be friends. Promise?"    
I could barely think straight, and simply nodded.    
"I don't hear you-"    
"I promise!" I whined out loud. "Don't make me talk when i can barely understand my thoughts."    
He giggled a bit and apologized. He turned to walk away, but after a few steps he looked back at me, continuing to walk backwards.    
"I'll keep my promise too Y/N!" He shouted. I smiled, nodding before walking the opposite way.    
I scoffed, walking toward the subway, thinking to myself what a Rom-Com moment that was.
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very cute (and how I wish Central Park was close to the venue)
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