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Ryeowook Twitter update
the first variety(program) after coming back from healing in Germany ~~^^ The one who was undaunting and recommended me strongly(,) Kyuhyun-ah ~~!!!! Thank you and I love you Teukie-hyung, eunhyukkie-hyung who made a short appearance... I hope that fans weren't hurt by the editingㅠ..(I will do)the explanations and long stories at the radio tomorrow~~ // Radio star! You're too much!!! ㅋㅋㅋ (1 hour ago) You look handsome ~!!!!!!!! Do well ~!!!!!!!! *___*@donghae861015: Beloved friend Eunhyuk-ee is MC of Asia Song Festival!! ELF will protect you !! Do well ^^ Fighting !! (6 hours ago)