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WTF: Korean Commercial Turns Trump into a Radish?

What did I just watch?

In the video below we have a strangly familiar-looking radish named "Moo-rump" (radish in Korean is "moo") talking to us about a mobile lending service with the slogan "Make Rush&Cash Great Again."

It gets weirder.

After his speech, the video pans out where we can see two women dressed up as Melania and Ivanka along with baseball cap-wearing enamoured white women screaming and chanting wildly in the crowd.

Watch it here:


Here's what the hell this Trump Radish is saying:

"Even though everyone said I couldn't, I did it! Anyone can apply for a loan and get money via mobile!"
Who thought this was a good idea??? Anyone???

Also the irony that the brand literally sounds like "Russian Cash" is just too much for me.

lol I'm just wondering how Trump would feel to see this if he hasn't I'm semi amused and semi not really feeling it....馃構馃槙馃槷馃槬馃槖馃槒
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Lol this is so random but I finally realize why mamamoo's plushie was a radish lol! Thanks for the "moo" Korean lesson
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That's really cute!
6 months ago
oooohkayyy 馃槒
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rush and cash is company ran by japanese(99.97%of share is own by japanese company and most loan company in Korea is ran by Japanese)
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