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The DramaFever exclusive Heirs is coming October 9th (today!), but for those who want another preview of the fabulous first episode, we have 7 more minutes of drama goodness for you! Enjoy the new clips below, and make sure to tell us what you think of Lee Min Ho's chemistry with Park Shin Hye in the comments below!
@suranimh.. yeah we all witnessed that but then i still find him adorable trying his hardest to speak in engrish... may not be realistic when he is staying in the US for the past 3 yrs but i can't complain... he still is cute and captivating specially when he looks eun sang in the eyes... wow... i am speechless..
two talented stars..could go on lavishing praises on both of them....with a exception, someone's american accent really need to look into...
yea, kim tan is as cool as minho. THEE EYE, THEE LOOK at eun sang even shin hye could not blink a second each time both turn to each other...could sense a tingling chemistry between these to
for me I dont care whose with minho....the important is leeminho itself....how he portray diff. role.....i love u oppa....perfect minho...amazing......
I really really love it...omy....my heart beats faster everytime I hear minho voice...omy.omy....
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