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Gonna be honest here, I thought this was Lee Hongki lol
[TRANS] #Bigflo’s #SelcaDay  

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More refreshing than halabong* #Ron has appeared✌

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(TRANS] I’ll study idioms a lot more See you on next week’s V-App~letting you guys know I pretended not to know the answersy'all know what I mean;)See u next week #wave #bigflo#lex

(TRANS] #Bigflo’s #SelcaDay  

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Well-suited in knit
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170202 Bigflo’s Vlive -Yuseong was still sick, Ron said he felt very sorry to fans
-I think Sungmin, EuiJin, and Ron got haircuts - Ron and EuiJin have undercuts
-Mentioned album details being released
-Talked about new members getting sns, Lex said his notifications go crazy all the time now and he was thankful
-Brought out a special guest, a foreigner from Washington, DC named Joel
-Lex explained the next segment in English, told us that him and the foreigner were doing a Korean language test to test their Korean proficiency (it was a game where they had to explain idioms/proverbs) Joel got the first idiom right
-For the second idiom, both of them seemed totally lost. Lex tried to answer first but was wrong, so Joel tried to answer and got it right
-The third idiom had them both stumped too, Lex tried to answer but got it wrong, so he asked if he could make a phone call. He called a noona and the phone was passed between Lex, EuiJin, and Hightop, with the Korean members trying to give hints, and eventually the girl got the answer for Lex
-For the fourth idiom, Joel tried to answer, and he was wrong but was very close so they tried to give him hints, but he got it wrong again. Then Lex tried but was wrong, and finally Joel tried again and got it right
-Lex get embarrassed from being bad at the game
-Started a new segment of questions where they’d say an idiom in English that had to be explained in Korean
-First idiom was “too many cooks spoiled the broth,” which Joel answered correctly
-Second one was "look before you leap,” Joel answers correctly (and Hightop dabs)Joel ends up beating Lex 5-1
-Ron teased Lex saying they’d play in Chinese (cause he would suck just as much lol)
-Hightop had a special gift for Joel, he said it was super special because he would get the same gift from his mom. It was some kind of power drink from Hongdae, which Joel drank immediately
-As punishment for losing, Joel got to hit Lex’s head with the hammer
-Joel left and the members spent the rest of the time reading out comments
-Lex noticed a comment about preordering their new album, which he elaborated on in English and Korean
-Hightop tried to speak a bit of Spanish
-Ron spoke a bit in Japanese
-Each member gave their individual goodbyes, and then a group goodbye
I can see why you would think that
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