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■□■ [Vote] BIG BANG in this year's KCA ■□■

That's right you guys read the title correctly this year Big Bang is nominated in the Kids Choice Awards ~~

(you don't have to be a kid to vote .....but if you think about it you are somebody's kid lol ~~)

this year they're nominated for Favorite Global Star

super cool or what ~ so what are you waiting for get out their VIPS and show BIGBANG you VIP pride and

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OMFG I forgot about KCA I'm voting this year !
9 months ago·Reply
I voted already!! I'm so happy :3
9 months ago·Reply
Bigbang, Kpop is spreading. If they like win, I will be a proud V.I.P❤😄
9 months ago·Reply
Big Bang 4 LIFE ♡♥♡
9 months ago·Reply
I voted for Big Bang I will die if they win
9 months ago·Reply