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안녕하세요 친구!!

Hello my neo-culture lovers and soon to be neo-culture lovers.
How would you describe Ten to your friends? Let me help you in the form of mini gifs.
First: he's a great dancer for sure. Just check out those moves
Second: he's passionate. Passionate about everything, friends, music, dancing, learning..this is one beautiful skill.
Third: cute....and I couldn't have said it better myself. Unless you think he's more lol.
Fourth: This young man is definitely lovely, his personality is lovely, devious but indeed lovely.
Fifth: Well I sometimes wish I could prove just how romantic he is but there's no doubt that he's got a romantic string within.
Sixth: Funny, whether it's telling jokes or practicing his Korean he's indeed a funny guy.
Seventh: I believe we are all sensitive in a way or towards certain things but he is one sensitive guy. Very rare to come by.
Eighth: Shy. Hmmm how true is this? perhaps reserved would fit best but nonetheless he's also shy.

Alrighty see you lovely neo-culture lovers next Thursday! Show us foreigners some lubb. ** Ifyou would like to be tagged or untagged or whatnot click link below** 고마워요!! The NCT Team - @AlexisJ15 @AimeeH @MelissaGarza @JiyongLeo @twistedPuppy @VKookie47 @jjrockstar @AaliyahNewbell @ESwee @HeichousRegalia @awkwardjazzy @KaiLuhan4ever @IsoldaPazo NCT Team Official Tag List - @SimplyAwkward @IsoldaPazo @OppasManBun @jademarie4567 @Starbell808 @Karinamiramda81 @bapastro @DalyRomero @PrincessUnicorn @JohnEvans @ChaErica @EleanorKriegel

😭😭 that first picture..wea Ten!?!
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😂😂 nope it doesnt seem that you are done at all
Gosh Ten....he makes it so hard to choose a bias
They need to bring him back!!😩😩 I was hoping for NCT U to comeback
They need to bring him back!!😩😩 I was hoping for NCT U to comeback