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The Inheritors Episode 2 Preview! English Sub Included Below!
www.youtube.com1DAA50E1-0355-420D-A1AD-2C244287F3DCCreated with sketchtool.
Episode 2 Preview Translation <:02~:05> Eunsang: You are not a druggie by any chance, are you? Kim Tan: Do you have two kidneys? <:06~:09> Kim Won: Wheres my mother? Ki-Ae: Ajuma is ajuma, the one whose raised you. <:09~:12> Eunsang: Then Goodbye. Kim Tan: Where to? <:12~:19> Young-do: Just break up and go out with Myungsoo! Lee Bona: Do you think I’m crazy? Myungsoo: How can you reject me three times? Hey! I still like you. <:20~:26 > Lady 1: I have to stay knowledgeable. Lady 2: So long as I’m alive, you will repay all the debt you owe me and my husband. <:27~:31 > Eunsang: who are you? Rachel Ryu: I’m the fiancé of this home’s owner. Eunsang: Due to certain issues, I had to stay over for the night. Rachel Ryu: you slept at this house?! <:32 ~ :35 > Kim Tan: Are you crying? Eunsang: My entire life is going through twist and turn. <:36~:38> Girl: Can you get lost? Guy1: What can I do? I like you. Young-do: what a cutie. <:39 ~ :45> Eunsang: This is for the room. Kim Tan: What is it? Eunsang: Dreamcatcher. They say only good dreams come through that hole. Kim Tan: Does beautiful woman come through it as well?
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