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Momo is up next!
Momo entered into JYP auditions with her sister back at the very begining, but her sister didn’t make it so Momo was sweet and stepped back But her family encouraged her to continue on with her dreams. So she auditioned for the survival show ‘Sixteen”.  Some issues came up at the final call leaving problems with Momo surviving the show, However JYP himself picked momo to be apart of the debuting group. After some time the fans turned out to love her just as much as the other girls. Momo is a main dancer, a rapper, and a sub-vocalist in the group.

Extra facts Momo is Japanese, she was born in Kyoto. At the beginning Momo could not understand Korean, but she adapted and learned. She can’t go anywhere without her stuffed sully doll, (The character from ‘Monsters Inc.’) Her favorite foods are pork, beef, garlic bread, black bean noodles, and Ice cream (Lots of favoirtes), she loves food. When she’s on a diet though she looks at photos of food. In the group they have nicnamed her ‘Mom’

I love Momo in blonde hair and acting so childish but yet she's so cheerful and a mother hen!!! lol