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Hello lovelies, Jasmyn here with another Jihun Thursday! This week is a free week due to Vingle's saltiness so this week to relieve some of Vingle's underlying saltiness towards me, I'm going to post some videos of my smol (yes I still use smol, don't judge me) sweet heart sugar pie honey bunches of oats that I love so much (Jihun) laughing his cute laugh. That might brighten up everyone's mood at Vingle and even if it doesn't then at least I tried.
but first, let me quickly spam you with the blonde Jihun because I honestly can't get enough of him with his blonde hair.
p.s Pls don't whitewash idols. They deserve better. Especially this beautiful boy that I am so thankful for. pls. don't. whitewash. idols.
yay! Now time for Jihun laughing!!!
These videos made every one happy right???? I hope so, but I'm not done yet..... here's my otp now.....

Okay, that's it for this week so chow for now and always remember:

~Stay Beautiful.
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