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Idol group 2PM member Taecyeon is always sexy on stage but hardly shows it on the small screen. The image he puts on instead is that of an ordinary good-natured guy with a bright smile. Lucky for us, we get to observe the utterly sweet and sometimes charmingly stubborn side to him, which is the complete opposite to the charismatic Taecyeon he is on stage. But there was a reason he stayed consistent with the characters he played: he wanted to become a true actor through his own efforts instead of taking advantage of his fancy image as an idol star. It also explains the earnest attitude he has in regard to taking one step closer to achieving his dream. http://www.tenasia.com/archives/74395
yeah.. i can't imagine how he can do it... from the shining sexy 2pm idol to an ordinary guy that he portrays in dramas.. i just love him no matter what he do... ^^
oppa hwaitingg oppa saranghhaeo love yaaa shooo much inshaallah u will defintely acive ur dream <3 :)