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Genre: Angst Pairing: Reader x Jackson Length: 1388 words Warning: Rated M, Foul Language, readerxidol Summary: He was my everything, but I was just his game. Part 5/?
J-Hope’s Pov: It's was really late when he got a text from an unknown number. He thought it was y/n checking in from Exo’s dorm, but he was oh too wrong. Unknown number: I know she's with you, and she's mine do you hear me. I will find her. And I am not afraid to hurt anyone to get her back. He suddenly heard dings coming from all the rooms in the dorm. What the hell? He went outside to the hallway to find everyone staring at each other holding their phone. He looked over at Tae who was comforting Minne, his girlfriend of 3 years now, they met at a fan meet and she was helping handout posters, and she fell on him. Her I started dancing together after that I introduced her to y/n and they clicked. She even bought y/n a get well basket. “What the fuck is this?” Yoongi said removing his headphones. “We all got the same text, even Minnie got it.”Tae said holding her. She was sweet and wouldn't hurt a fly….unless that fly was Tae making fun of her. “Wait guys, he knows Lilly and Mackenzie are here, what if he thinks Minnie is y/n?” J-Hope asked and as soon as he spoke that the room went quiet and all eyes were on Minnie and Tae. “We gotta call Y/n! Like now” Jungkook said dialing her number. “I'll call the police and let them know he messaged us and that Minnie might be in danger now.” Namjoon said while Jimin and Jin were holding Lilly and Mackenzie. Mackenzie furious, and Lilly balling her eyes out with Minnie. Chanyeol’s Pov: It was around midnight when y/n phone started to ring. He didn't want her to wake up, considering it took her forever to get comfortable. He went out to the hallway with her phone and read the caller ID (Kookie Bear). And then answered it. “Hey Jungkook what's up?” Chanyeol said in a broken whisper. “Chanyeol keep y/n with you at all time, he just blew up all our phones saying he's looking for her!” Chanyeol's heart dropped and peeked back in the room where y/n was sleeping. “Ok I'll wake up the others for help too.” “Ok” with that the call ended Chanyeol went into the guys rooms and woke them up explaining to them what was happening, this is going to be harder than he thought. All the guys were up Kai and Lay by the front door. Xiumin, Chen, and Baekhyun at the back door. D.O and Suho by the hallway, and Sehun and Chanyeol outside the bedroom y/n was sleeping in. Y/N Pov: You were sleeping and woke up a little to see if you could hug Chanyeol. When you turned over to try and find him he wasn't there. Ugh he has to pee this late at night? I swear that boy has the smallest bladder. You sat up in bed and look at the bedside table, where's my phone? Ok something's not right. You got out of bed and made your way to the door where you heard talking. “She must've been through hell, and now this guy is still trying to get her?!” Sehun said in annoyance. “We’re keeping her safe though and she's still asleep, so we'll let her rest and tell her what happened tomorrow morning.” Chanyeol answered back. What the fuck, is all of Exo up? And tell me what? Ok y/n play it cool you're gonna go out there and act like you gotta pee even though you actually do. You opened the door and rubbed your eyes the hallway light was on so you didn't have to fake that part. “Y/n?! What are you doing up?” Chanyeol said placing a hand around your waist in case you felt dizzy. “I have to pee, what are all of you guys doing up?” You said looking down the hall. Damn something is going on that has everyone up like this. “Go to the bathroom and we’ll explain everything when you get out, ok?” You nodded and made your way to the bathroom. At least you really peed though, Chanyeol did give you a lot of hot coco. You left the bathroom and made your way back to Chanyeol’s bedroom with him and Sehun following, entering the the room and closing the door behind them. “Your ex, he messaged everyone in the Bts dorm, he's looking for and thinks you're there with them.” Chanyeol said as you sat on the bed. Wait, he thought I was there? I know Lily and Mackenzie are there but it's ⅓ chance that you're there. “But he'd be able to see it's only Bts and the girls there, wouldn't he know I'm not there?”you said confused. “Taehyungs girlfriend, Minnie I think, she's over there with them.” Your heart was in your stomach. Oh noooo Minnie is a fucking fighter but under pressure, and that prick was able to do a number on you just imagine what he'll do to her! No! No! No! “What omg!?” This can not be happening. Chanyeol was trying to comfort you when you heard a knock at the bedroom door. Chen came in looking worried. “Baekhyun got a call from Tae…”he trailed off looking confused. “He heard a scream and the call cut off, now he's not answering.” Oh! Hell! No! You stood up and grabbed your keys and shoes. “Hey! What are you doing? You can't leave in a state like this, especially with him out there!” Chanyeol said clearly worried about you, but the anger was back, you are not letting this happen. “I'm going to help my friends, he started this I'm finishing it!” You made your way to that front door, “You guys coming with?” They all looked at each other and nodded. “You're not doing this alone even if you tried” Chanyeol said holding you by your waist walking you to the van. Tae’s Pov: Minnie was scared to the point of tears, and him in the other hand along with the rest of bts, and Mackenzie were pissed. He knew jungkook had called y/n but Baekhyun was like a brother to him and didn't know what he should do, so he decided to call him. “Hello?” Baekhyun answered. “Baekhyun hyun, is everyone up?” Tae asked while Lilly and Jin comforted Minnie. “Yeah you're on speaker, is everyone ok?” Tae put it on speak and mouthed it's on speaker to the guys. “Yeah we're cool, how's y/n?” J-hope said loud enough for him to hear. “She fine, ah I think she just woke up.” Everyone sighed at least she's ok. There was a knock on the door that had everyone stop. Namjoon and Jin made there way to the door everyone but Minnie and Tae following behind. Minnie sat in the couch and Tae in the hallway still on the phone. Minnie’s Pov: Everyone was stood at the door, no one was there? Yours eyes shot to the window across from you where you saw movement and you saw it. A guy looking in cupping his hands so he could see. “AHHHHH!” Minnie scream pointing at the man staring at her. “Shit” Tae hung up the phone and grabbed Minnie and made their way back to the group having them lock the door. Yoongi ran up the stairs to his room coming back minutes later with something in his hand, a gun. “Why the fuck do you have that?” Namjoon said questioning the boy. “In chase this happened, duh.” He rolled his eyes and cocked it. “He's not hurting anyone anymore.” Tae held on to Minnie when everyone stopped the lights started to flicker. And then shut off. There were screams everywhere due to the three girls...and Jungkook, Minnie screaming and holding on to Tae almost leaving fingerprints. When it the silent Jimin pulled out his phone flashlight. “Well shit….” he said looking at everyone in a huddled ball in the hallway. “ This is gonna be a long night…”
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