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Hey there guys! So the Shikon Jewel Sqaud have some up with another giveaway contest right in time for Valentines! We would for all of you guys to participate and have fun!

1) Fan Art Contest

Theme : Valentine's Day
Draw your favorite couple from inuyasha doing sonething Valentine's-y. or showing some Valentine's Day Love.

Examples: Kagome giving Inuyasha some chocolates, Miroku giving Sango a kiss, Shippo giving flowers to a village girl...The possiblities are endless.
1) Original Drawings
2) Must include : " Happy Valentine's Day " somewhere in art work
3) Take a picture of drawing and upload it worh the title "Fan Art Contest"
4) Have Fun !!!

Japanese Sweets of course!! Everyone that participates can get some Japanese pocky !

Deadline: Feb. 11 by 11:59 pm
I will annouce the winners on Valentines Day here in the commmunity & message winners personally.

2) Fan Fiction Contest:


You can ship anyone you want in your fan fic!

BUT ......if you want to do something that is PG-13 or up to +19 , You have to put a WARNING in the beginning of the card and absolutely NO UNDERAGE ships!

Have Fun!

Prizes: Japanese Sweets

Deadline: February 11 by 11:59 pm

Upload the fanfic in a card & winners will be annouced Valentine's Day. Winners will also be messaged


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Love this idea!! Great NAKAMA!!
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