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Bts are made up of talented singers, dancers, and song writers. They were mostly known for their powerful performances. They are just as huge internationally as they are in South korea. On top of that they write amazing songs with the most beautiful lyrics. Their songs really touch others and the fact that they relate to so many people has allowed them to really connect with their fans. On top of ALL that the members are really something else if you want to really fall for them watch their Bangtan Bombs and Episodes on Youtube. These boys have hearts of gold and are one of the most hardworking idols in the industry. They made it so far for being the only group from their company. They are a group that makes people want to bring out the best in theselves and i believe those are few of the many reasons people adore BTS. ♡
Hello! :D I'm Aliana, but, you may call me Kitten~ I'm here to tell you the basics, because part of falling in love and becoming a fan is doing a lil digging yourself. It'll help immerse you as well! SO: BTS stands for Bangtan Sonyeondan, but in english it means Bulletproof Boyscouts! They are a Korean Pop group made up of 7 men. Their names are Rap Monster, Jin, SUGA, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook. They call their fans A.R.M.Y, which stands for "Adorable Representative, MC, for Youth." They write their own music and produce it as well, which is one of the reasons they're so amazing. They're great for many reasons, but mostly because they've made such a huge name for themselves and are the only ones representing their company. This link ( ) will help you get a feel of the members, and Wikipedia can help too. Sorry, i don't really want to say more. It's better if you find out all the amazing things about them :D
I'm on mobile so I can say these four words about them, talented, funny, hard working and caring