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@JessSenpai Your life is precious, and not something to be thrown away on a whim. If you must give your life, make sure it's worth it, be it for your loved ones, innocents or even a worthy ideal. When we fight, we remember the dead, but we fight and struggle for the living
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Yes. I appreciate this. Thank you fam @RamonPizarro
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This describes how I feel towards everyone.
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If I died tomorrow, I wouldnt even be mad. Id take it, accept it, as something I was meant to do
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Hey, I care
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true life ia not as a big deal as we want to make it look like, but then again why we care so much if someone else care about our existance? We exist for our own sake and thats it, how you take advantage of your own life ia how we are suppose to live. Is good to have accept that we will die someday and be okay with that, but death is something thay eventually comew, not something we should look for or call for.
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