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Forgive me but this is my first time making a card! so if it sucks, again I'm very sorry! I just wanted show everyone how amazing and wonderful the group BTS is!
They are a Pop Korean group of 7 members! They debuted back in 2013 with the song No More Dreams. The song was written and produced by Bts themselves. The lyrics talk about teens and young kids that don't have any dreams at all but want to succeed in life. They want to do big stuff in life and want to be known but they don't want to go to school but are afraid that of they drop out or stop that they will be looked down at by society. I don't know if that's what it actually means on the spot but that's the way I heard the song and after reading the lyrics it's the way I intercepted the song.

They have 9 Albums out. 2 of which are full albums: Dark and Wild, and the most recent WINGS. The rest are Mini Albums: 2 Kool 4 Skool, O! R U L8 2, Skool Luv Affair, Wake Up, and all the most beautiful moments in life.
They are currently working on a new album which will continue the story they couldn't finish in their previous album: WINGS. The new album is called WINGS Side Story: You Never Walk Alone and it will be the same as the last album. It will consist of each member participating in writing and producing their own song.
Like I said there are 7 Members! (That I love all so freaking much that it hurts ;-;)
Rap Monster
•His real name is Kim Namjoon
•He is the leader of Bts and he is the only original member from the first line up for Bts
•He was an underground Rapper
•His favorite dance movement is moving his arms from side to side
•He is one of the rappers in Bts
•He is very smart! He has an IQ of 148!
•He has the cutest dimples ever seen!
(He's my bias and god I love him)
•His favorite color is black
•He has written 100+ songs
Kim Seokjin
•His stage name is Jin
•He loves the color pink!
•He likes to cook
•He is one of the vocalist and has the voice of an angel!
•He takes very good care of his looks and skin
•He went to all boys school and still got 10+ roses on valentines day (;-;)
•He is the visual in the group
(I can see why too ^^ Jin is such a gorgeous human being!!)
Min Yoongi
• Stage name is Suga
•He was names Suga because of his sweet adorable smile
•He is one of Bts rappers
•He looks at personality instead of good looks, gender, and age.
•He likes to sleep and the most he has ever slept was 21 hours straight
•His favorite color is White
•He has a really great passion for Music and his such a passionate rapper, you can really hear and feel his emotion through his songs when you listen to him.
Park Jimin
•He stage name is the same as his real name: Jimin!
•He is one of Bts vocalist
• His favorite color is Blue
• He has the cutest eye smile ever
•He once exercised so much that he had a nose bleed (My poor baby I swear he's perfect the way he is ;-;)
•He was born In Busan!
•He's the shortest bts member- by a centimeter
• His birthday is on October 13, 1995!!
Kim Taehyung
• His stage name is V
•He has the cutest rectangular smile
•He has a lot of charm and a very unique personality making him extremely approachable and friendly
•He likes little kids
•He is the main vocalist of bts
•He was born in December 30, 1995
•He's 5'10
•When asked all the Bts members choose V as the strangest member
(God I love Him so much)
Jeon Jungkook
•Just like Jimin, he uses his real name as his stage name
•He is the youngest
• He was born in September 1, 1997
•He was scouted by many companies but joined BigHit because he heard one of Rap Monster's songs and decided to join.
•He doesn't like his voice so much so he often sings while he works out
(His voice is amazing!)
•He is 5'10
•He debuted when he was 15
•He was also born in Busan
•He is also a vocalist in Bts
•His nickname is The Golden Maknae
J Hope
•Real name is Jung Hoseok
•He wanted to give hope to the people around him and his fans so he decided on the stage name JHope
•He is one of Bts rappers
•He is one of the dancers in Bts
•He is the best dancer in Bts
(He's boss when he dances honestly)
•His smile is the freaking sun and if you don't think so please go jump off a bridge right now
•He is the type of person to make you laugh even when you don't want to and are sad
•He was born February 18, 1994
•He is actually older than Rap Monster but younger than Yoongi
•His favorite season in Spring
Bts as a group
Bts is a wonderful group that write a lot of great songs and we need to respect and appreciate them. We need to stop thinking that only our bias matter or that only the maknae line matters. They all matter a lot and they wouldn't be Bts without one of them there. We need to stop complaining about them and start appreciating and loving them for who they are individually and as a group

-Namjoon is ugly: His beautiful, so gorgeous and talented. Not only that but he's so smart! His dimples are my world and I just want to poke them and squish his cheeks. Rap Monster is so handsome, he doesn't deserve any of the hate that he gets. He works so hard for all his members and fans, he deserves happiness.

-Jin is useless he can't even sing: He can sing, He can cook, He is such a sweet loving and caring person and Is always worrying about his members. Even though he can't dance as well as the other members he still tries his best and we need to acknowledge that about him. His hard working!

-Yoongi is mean/cruel: His such a sweet heart. He's constantly worrying about his members and always tries his hardest to make his members proud. He loves them all and he had expressed it in so many ways.

-Jimin needs abs: No he doesn't. Of we actually love him for who he is than he wouldn't need to worry about his weight and he wouldn't need to worry about how much he eats or over work himself about it. Jimin is perfect the way he is. He's cute, lovable, and so very thoughtful of all his members. His cheeks are adorable the way they are and if he had a flat tummy or a bit of fat we shouldn't care. It's his body and its perfect.

-Taehyung is stupid: TaeTae is not stupid! He's an amazing person and very smart. He just doesn't act like it, but that doesn't mean you can call him that. He has such a sweet heart and cares about everyone and everything around him. He comes up with amazing ideas and if you can't see that he's actually smart than, again, go jump off a bridge.

-Jungkook gets way to much lines: Jungkook gets a lot of hate for this. I feel like since he's the youngest and he's almost always the center of attention that we expect to much from him. His only still a kid. Yes Ik he is an adult now but he's still a kid! he had to grow up fast and mature fast to be an idol. He deserves a break and a lot of appreciation instead of us complaining about how many lines he gets.

-Jhope: There is just so much hate about Jhope.... that it makes me upset. What about Jhope wants to make you hate him? His like the freaking sun! so bright and warm! Everything about him is perfect! his smile, his eyes, his body, his mind, everything! He's talented in so much stuff. He can Rap, He can Dance, He cleans around the dorms, He is handsome, Beautiful, and so very gorgeous.

We're ARMY We're meant to help them when they are sad or going through a thought time. We are suppose to make them feel better but instead they have to deal with us starting fan wars with other groups, with our criticism, with our bad thought about them. They are human, just cause they're idols doesn't mean they're perfect human beings. They make mistakes, they gets sad, they cry, they get stressed, they get mad, they get upset, THEY FEEL THINGS. They aren't robots so stop pretending like they are. They are allowed to make mistakes and if they do we are suppose to support then an help them not judge them.

Instead we go "Oh just cause of that one time you messed up, He's my new bias now." We shouldn't point out their mistakes and make them feel worse and if we do do that than were not ARMY, We aren't fans, and we don't even deserve to thinks so.

We need to stop criticism and we need to start doing our job as ARMY and actually supporting Bts because they don't deserve to ever feel upset. More than anything, they deserve happines :)

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wahhhhhhhhhhhh super informative card! I loved it, amazing!! good job and just thinking of all that time it too 😥😥😥 loved it. thanks for showing the guys lots of love 😄😄😄
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sorry for the late respond! but I hope you feel better by now!!
Ahhh i ADORE Bangtan!!! ♡♡♡ Thank you so much for taking your time to make this card!! Namjoon's favorite color is black but he has recently became found of pink so you weren't wrong. ♡ And in addition to their Korean albums they do have a Japanese album. *i know they have a Boy In Luv chinese ver* So again, you werent wrong. Lol its still BTS' music. 😊😊 I loved the card!!! 😄😄😄 I hope you continue to make more in the future !! ☺
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Yes but I didn't expect to take that long😂😂 I was very surprised at the end😂
I love all of BTS, their music saved me from suicide... It lifted me up, and then I fell in love with all 7 members individually... They all have so much to offer each other and ARMY... I seriously cannot see how any of them could receive the hate they do... All 7 are precious humans... I am so grateful they were born...
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@YiselRamos I will thanks!!! I hope to see more cards from you!!! Add me to all your lists!!!
Thank you!!☺☺ I'm glad you like it!!😊
Great job! Sorry all these annoying people keep fixing any tiny incorrect thing you say. People like that drive me crazy lol You made a great first card! What other groups do you like?
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@micahsaysnihao @KittenFear It's okay! I don't really mind that people correct me! its totally fine! I really appreciate it when they do that! it's makes me know more about the actual information of Bts!☺
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