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Time my snow bunnies

Lets see where/how you and your valentine meet

Citrine -

It was at the Chinese NewYear Festival and cross each other path too many times

Diamonds -

At a Concert
(Your choice if it was theirs)

Ruby -

Fashion Week...your the person sitting beside them

Garnet -

Your both on vacation enjoying your free time together later that night

Aquamrine -

In a Nightclub and dance together

Sapphire -

You were auditioning and they were a guest judge

Pearl -

On a military base from volunteering

Amethyst -

At the waterin hole aka Bar...
Don't worry you were sobar xD.

Opal -

at the airport... ended up sharing the same flight

Topaz -

A resturaunt, your beauty stole their attention when you entered.

Emerald -

At thr Mall... you were working and they were shopping. Ended up shopping for your time xD

Peridot -

At the Cafe, they order the same thing you did and you both got confused when it was called out

Ooooo so tell me where you were and how you met I would love to know

I will be posting part 3 Later today :)

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I'm late here! o.o Aquamarine
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\^0^/ I actually might be thinking of my month instead of year
We meet in a club and dance the night away 😂
At the Chinese new year festival! That's very romantic 👌😆
well well you're gonna love part 3
Really?!?! At the bar . Lfmaoo I can see it.. its Brazil lmao!! 😂😂😂😂 but Idk lol
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😂 man does it have to be... are we making this a bet!? 😂😂 and only you would know the results lmao