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Every time BTS make a new comeback, I have to keep all of the fangirling to myself because my parents are sick of hearing about them and my friends don't care .
However, I have recently found 3 more people that love BTS as much as I do!!!! They are still baby army's though so I have to keep them updated. We now have a group chat where we can send photos of our biases (since we all have different ones).
I am so glad BTS are getting more recognition internationally and more people are accepting that listening and liking kpop isn't a bad thing.

Here's a question for those who have made it this far:
Do you have any kpop friends? If not, what do you do to cope?

I can't fangirl in public because Im a crying type of fangirl and people(strangers or new friends who don't know about my fangirl self) would ask if I'm alright
You can fangirl here all you want. My daughter is a 2nd gen kpopper, and we have friends that are also. Internet is how we keep in touch, fangirl, and send photos.
I have 2 Irl friends one I've been friends with for 10 years she tells me she got me onto kpop in high school but I don't remember that, the other I met online and met in person several times. I've met 2 people around me that like bts but I think they aren't as far gone as me, because I scared them off
That's awesome!! I just got my sister into them. I've been throwing stuff at her for almost 3 years now. I love these guys!! who's your fav?
My friends enjoy some kpop songs but they don't really fangirl or they don't like to talk about it for a long time (but I can go on and on and on).
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