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Chapter 1!!!
I don’t know how the education system in South-Korea works and what you have to do in order to get accepted to an university so I am just going to use the system that we have here in the Netherlands. I hope that you will enjoy reading this fanfic!
Character thoughts are written in bold.

Narrator POV

Kim Seul Bi is a 22 year old student who is very hardworking and is studying to get her Bachelor degree in Medical Sciences. She really wants to become a doctor, as a matter of fact, it is all she talks about. The essentials to get into the university and also be able to study Medical Sciences are to have good grades and also a good curriculum vitae. Therefore, she participated in extra schoolactivities, did a lot of volunteering at a retirement home after school and even started a food bank project with Han Sae Ron (A food bank is a non-profit, charitable organisation that distributes food to those who have difficulty purchasing enough food to avoid hunger).They collected a lot of food that could last for a long time (like canned foods etc.) to give to the organisation. Her hard work paid off and she got accepted to the university.

Kim Seul Bi lives in a two-bedroom apartment with her best friend Han Sae Ron who was also studying for her Bachelor degree in Medical Sciences at the same university. It was already the middle of the school-year when Han Sae Ron told her best friend and roommate of 3 years that her boyfriend had proposed to her.

Seul Bi’s POV

“I’m so happy for you!" I told my best friend while hugging her. "It was about time, I thought that he would never propose.” “I can’t believe it either" she said and walked towards the couch. "I just told my parents about it and they want me to come over this weekend with Mark” she said. I walked to the couch and sighed. I was happy but also sad that I would have nothing to do this weekend. I am very busy during the weekdays and only find time to relax on the weekends. And apart from the fact that we are in the same classes and live together, I don’t spend a lot of time with her especially since she started dating Mark. “I guess that I will have to find another way to spend the weekend”. “Why don’t you ask Taehyung to hang out with you?” she suggested. You guys haven’t seen each other for a while. I thought about it for a while and agreed. “I am going to call him right away.” I dialled his number and waited for him to pick up.

Tae: “Hello”

SB: “Hi Tae, how are you?”

Tae: “I’m doing good, and you?

SB: “I’m good too, just a little bit tired. I was wondering if you would like to hang out this weekend. We can go to the movies like we used to do a few months ago.”

Tae: ”I am free on Saturday so I will pick you up around 2 pm. Okay?”

SB: “Alright, I can’t wait. See you on Saturday!”

Tae: “Seul Bi?”

SB: “Yeah?”

Tae: “Please don’t work too hard. I know that you really want to graduate as an honor student but please remember to take care of yourself and also relax once in a while.”

SB: “Alright, alright. I will, I promise! See you next Saturday!”

I hung up and thought about the fun times my little brother and I used to have; One time we went to the cinema and we were fighting over food. I finished my drink so I wanted to take a sip of Tae’s drink but wouldn’t allow me. I started to pull and he started to do the same. In the end the beverage was poured all over the couple that was sitting in front of us and the popcorn was thrown everywhere. With all the looks that were given we could not stay there so we apologised and left before the movie ended.

fast forward to Saturday

I heard someone knock on the door and went to open it. “Hi Tae” I said when I saw my brother. I could see that there was someone standing behind him. “Who’s this” I asked when I stepped to the side and saw a somehow familiar face standing behind him. “This is Kim Namjoon” he said and turned to point at the man. “Nice to meet you Kim Namjoon. I am Seul Bi, Tae’s older sister.” “Are you coming to the cinema with us?” I asked. “Uhm, I am not going to the cinema Seul Bi. I have to practice and It was too late to cancel our appointment so I asked Namjoon if he wanted to go with you.” I hope that this works. Namjoon has not stopped talking about Seul Bi since he found out that she is my sister. I am sacrificing the precious time that I get to spend with my sister once in a while so this better be worth it “It’s too bad that you can’t come. I’ll just have fun with Namjoon without you then.” I didn’t mind it at all. I am happy that I will still be able to have fun today. But I hope that he does not have any other motives because I am not ready to become more than friends. I am too busy to date, in fact, I have never been on a date before. I don’t think that I would even know it when a guy is flirting with me but it doesn’t really matter to me since I am not interested in dating.

Namjoon’s POV

I was so happy when Taehyung asked me to go to the cinema with his sister. This is going to be my first date! I really like Seul Bi, I have actually liked her for a while now. I see her every day since she is my neighbour. She lives on the second floor and I live right under her on the first floor but she doesn’t know it. She hasn’t talked to me before but I always stare at her in class. I sit in the corner at the back of the classroom so even the teachers don’t notice it when I stare at her the whole day. She is so smart, pretty, hardworking and kind. She is exactly my type. She was like a rose, a very beautiful rose. I wish that I had the courage to tell her how much I like her but I was too afraid to do so because a lot of guys have confessed to her but she rejected all of them. I decided that I will tell her that I like her well, actually love her after we go on our date to the cinema.

How do you think that their ‘date’ will go?
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