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WARNING: Language

Around 4 o’clock Jak comes out of the bathroom with her dress from the previous night on. Jiyong looks over with a raised eyebrow.
“Going somewhere?”
“Well, as much as I’d rather still be in your hoodie, I kinda need something more than that and this dress to wear. Plus, I didn’t want you to be sick of me already.”
He gets up and heads in her direction, “Sure you aren’t sick of me? I thought we’d just make a day of it, hanging out here.” He brushes a stray strand of hair behind her ear, looks her up and down. “I did a good job on that dress,” he smiles and then looks back in her eyes, “but I see your point. Let me get dressed, I’ll take you over.”
As he passes her she calls out, “I'll just catch a cab.”
He turns and heads back to her with a quizzical look. She puts her hand on his chest, “It’s your day off, you don't get many. I don’t want to put you out. “
He just stares at her a minute, then her thought process becomes clear. He tips her chin up so he can look her directly in the eye. “I’m not leaving you alone with your old roommates. I was going to send someone to get your stuff but I can understand you wanting to get it yourself.”
“No one should be home right now, I’ll be fine.” She waves off his comment but is then confused. “Wait, old roommates? Where am I going? I can’t leave there; I don’t have anywhere to go.”
“I don’t like the way they treat you, you’re not going back to live there.”
“Well I don’t like the way they treat me either but that doesn’t have anything to do with the fact I don’t have anywhere else to go. Did you not catch that part? I’m not you. I haven’t been in the business 12 yrs plus and have millions in dollars. I can’t just pick and choose where I want to live.”
She walks over, picks up her purse and grabs her phone.
“I didn’t mean it like that and you know it. Jak! Look at me.”
“Not right now, I have a call to make.” She begins walking towards the front door while dialing, him following behind.
“Jak.... Damn it, stop!” He grabs her and turns her around. Her eyes look dead and a little bit angry. He cups her face, “You’re mine now. I won’t have you treated that way, you don’t deserve it.”
She pushes his hands down, leans up and kisses him on the cheek. “I appreciate that, but it doesn’t change anything. Call me later I guess.” She opens the door and marches down the hall calling for her taxi.

Her apartment is blessedly empty like she thought. She grabs a quick shower, than makes sure she hangs the dress back in the bag it was delivered in. She wasn’t sure if he returned things like this or if he even could but it wasn’t damaged. She placed the jewelry in the cases that were miraculously still on the counter and took everything back out to the kitchen to return to him later.

She curls up in a ball on her mat trying to process everything that’s happened in the last 24 hours. So, she has a boyfriend now, that is just weird and crazy. Now that he isn’t with her, it feels unreal and she begins to doubt it all. Having Ji as a boyfriend means she no longer gets to make her own choices? Well, that’s just not going to work. Sure, she wants someone to take care of her, make her feel safe, and who doesn’t want to feel loved? But simply saying ‘you can’t live there anymore’ does nothing to make her feel safe; just stupid, like she doesn’t know her roommates are hell to live with. She rolls onto her back with a groan and stares confused at the ceiling.
The door opens and she quietly watches as Tabitha and Cece walk in the door. It’s clear they don’t know she’s home.
“Can you believe all the publicity that little tramp is getting just because she slept with G-Dragon?”
“I know right? I mean he could have picked any one of us, why that little tart? It’s not like she’s a goddess or anything. Big deal she has curly red hair, I can color my hair, just like everyone else in the idol industry if that’s what he’s looking for.”
She doesn’t move or make a noise; she’s interested to see how long it will take for them to realize she’s there. Cece heads into the bathroom when Tabitha notices the dress bag and jewelry boxes on the counter.
“Hey, tramp vamp’s been here some time. Looks like she did the ‘walk of shame’ and got everything ready to send back.” She fingers the jewelry box for a minute and gets a wicked smile on her face.
“Hey Cece! Where can we hide this jewelry?”
“What?!? I can’t hear you very well.”
“Her jewelry! Well, G-Dragon’s jewelry he rented for her. We should totally hide it, make him think she stole or lost it.” She opens the box and whistles at the black opal and diamond necklace and earrings. She yells back over her shoulder, “I bet he paid a pretty penny for these or a hefty deposit. It would serve that bitch right.”
As Tabitha looks for a hiding spot she turns and comes face to face with a very angry, shaking Jak.
“Those aren’t yours, put them down.”
Tabitha puts the jewelry box down and faces Jak fully. “Well,” she drawls out, “if it isn’t the tramp vamp herself. How was the walk of shame this afternoon sweety? A little stiff? I hear G-Dragon has an interesting appetite.”
“I’d shut up now.”
“Or what? You’re all bark and no bite, we all know that. You sure that hair isn’t colored, we all know you couldn’t hurt a fly.”
“I don’t care what you do or say about me Tabitha but you will leave Jiyong alone.”
She laughs like a sick hyena and wipes tears from her eyes, “Wow. One night in the sack and you’re ready to claim him. You’re really a special kind of stupid aren’t you?!?!” She walks forward to pat Jak on the shoulder. “I hate to tell you idiot, you aren’t special and you aren’t his only lay. I’m sure he’ll have someone else in the sack tonight. Oh God, you really thought..”

She didn’t get to finish her thought as Jak grabs her hand, folds it backwards, and has her arm tight behind her back. As Tabitha leans down, off balance, Jak kicks her leg out from under her and lands directly on top of her.
“What the hell are you doing? Get off me you little bitch!”
Jak raises up a little like she’s moving, than slams back down on Tabitha’s back. The resounding thud was beautiful, so she did it again. When Tabitha screams Jak yells over the top of her, “What was that? I can’t quite hear you....oh, you want to apologize?”
“As if! Get the bloody hell off me!”
Jak shakes her head, “Hm... wrong answer,” and bounces up and down again. Tabitha tries to kick her with her feet; however, being flexible, Jak simply lifts her legs straight in the air. Tabitha’s screeched “ouch” makes her grin.
“Oh sorry, I’ve been told I have a boney butt, is it hurting you? Good.”
“Fine! I give now get the hell off!”
“Not yet. See Jiyong tried to warn you but you didn’t listen. I protect what I love, which would be him. You don’t mess with him, you don’t even THINK about messing with him or I will put you under this floor not just on it ..get me?” She twists Tabitha’s arm a little higher.
“I get it! I get it! Get off!”

Jak slowly rises off Tabitha, even slower to release her arm. As Tabitha gets up she lashes out to smack Jak in the face but Jak ducks and grabs her hair from behind.
“See, you really should have gotten to know me. I was raised with two older brothers and their friends and my male cousins. I also had a pretty fierce mama bear that taught me to toughen up and not take any crap. Now, say you’re sorry.”
“For what?”
At the sound of the bathroom door, Jak swings Tabitha by the hair in that direction, watching so Cece doesn’t make it an unfair fight.
Cece walks out astonished. “Do something!” Tabitha yells at her.

“Not so fast ladies,” Ji’s voice comes from the front door. Jak looks over and lets Tabitha go.
“Jak. Can you come over here babe? I know you can handle them but I’m afraid I wouldn’t like it and I really don’t like hitting women.”
“Babe?” Tabitha sneers in his direction, “She was that good in the sack? Unbelievable.”
Jiyong walks through the door and stands directly in front of Tabitha.
“I’d appreciate it if you’d act more like a female than a nasty, drunken sailor. All those beautiful, feminine names you just called my girlfriend have made me a touch unhappy. Yes, I’ve been standing here a while. Yes, I heard everything. Yes, Jak stayed with me last night but her integrity is intact as nothing happened. No, that’s none of your business but I won’t have you tarnishing her reputation.”
Tabitha and Cece’s faces turn ashen when they hear that he’s been there the whole time.
He turns to Jak, “Can you pack your things now? I really don’t want you here any longer.”
Jak nods and heads over to grab her bag and throw stuff in.
Tabitha and Cece still haven’t said anything but look really tempted. Jiyong pulls his phone out, types in his name and Jak’s and turns his phone for them to read.
Update: Newest Celebrity Couple … G-Dragon’s agency YG confirms that he and the American model Jak, have begun dating.
He puts his phone away and looks over to Jak. “Jak, you almost have everything?”
“Almost,” she replies as she removes the brick in the wall and takes out her stash. “Now I am.” She walks back over where he takes her bag and hand.
“I’m positive there won’t be any charges of assault am I right?” As Tabitha looks about to speak he continues, “Do-young would you come get the rest of this for me?”
His body guard walks in pick up the dress and jewelry, Tabitha and Cece’s eyes grow big.
“Oh, did I say I came alone or that just I heard everything? You must have misunderstood. I believe that would be 3 witnesses to 2, odds not in your favor. Jak won’t be returning, find a new roommate or figure out the rent between yourselves next month, I don’t care. It was interesting meeting you, I hope I never have the pleasure again.”

With those parting words he escorted Jak out of the building and into his car.

Yay Jak!! Show those hoe bags who they messing with! Ji put them in their place and was still a gentleman about it....class act!👏👏👏💖💖💖
get your woman bae!!!!! yay!!!
I'm loving this, of course Ji is gonna protect his lady. 😍 🐉
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Sad, hopefully that will work. Fighting!
she had to find out for herself.
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