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Hey everyone! So I just had an idea for a fan fiction but I am very hesitant because it would be my first.

What do you think should I go for it?

I am very nervous.

Does anyone have any kind of words of encouragement?
If you really want to do it I have some words from the great Shia labeouf "Just do it!" lol. But have fun with it, I know I am.
I think you should go for it! I was really nervous publishing my first fanfic but I got a lot of good feedback and I came to love writing even more after that. I will definitely read it if you do! Just don't feel pressured to put chapters out on time or go a certain way because someone wants you to! Just write because you want to write and I promise you there are people that are going to read it ;)
There are some things in life which we want but cannot do or have and we have to accept that but writing a fanfiction is something that YOU can do no matter the circumstances!
Do it! I thought about it for a long time too and just recently decided that I'm going to write one. It doesn't matter if it ends up good or bad, the most important thing is that you tried and that you won't have those ideas stuck in your head anymore. As long as you want it, you should go for it plus I will be rooting for you!!