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Summary: If you knew you can't be together forever what would you do?
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A/N: Well here it is guys the bomb is revealed here!! ------------------------------------------ "I'm sick JK..." You looked down trying to avoid his gaze as you shut the door behind you. "What do you mean? Do you have a fever should I call Youngj--" You shook your head as you stared at the ground,"I'm really sick." There was a sudden silence filling the air. You looked up to see Jungkook suddenly so confused so you sighed as you planned to just tell him as it is,"I'm dying...soon enough I won't even be able to move on my own and have to be admitted into a hospital. I take medicine for it but all the medicine is doing is slowing the process but soon...I will just be paralyzed without a mind of my own. And eventually I die." Jungkook sat down from the sudden bomb that you just threw at him. "It's a rare genetic disease...unfortunately for me it's incurable. My grandfather had it. He died at 56." You laughed a little at the little luck you had. "Unfortunately for me the signs started early." "Jimin...does he know? What about Nayeon?" You shook your head,"Only my family and you, I guess...but I'll tell them when the time comes." You looked at Jungkook who was staring at you like everyone else who knows about it. With pity. This was why you refused to tell anyone outside of family. Because they will start treating you like if your something that'll break if they even lay a finger on you. Even Jimin. You knew him well enough. He will especially treat you different. Jungkook too but you have already prepared for this. You had the decency at least to think of telling them once your 'end' was near. But you knew they would be sad now. However, you also knew that they would forget about you. Soon after you die you'll be nothing but the pictures you left behind. Maybe that's why you chose a major where you can leave something for the world to remember you by. For Mozart it was his music, for Einstein it was his research, for Da Vinci it was his paintings, for Shakespeare it was his stories, but for you it will be the pictures. You're going to leave behind what you saw. What you felt about the world. You won't just be another face in the yearbooks or another name on a tombstone that read: 'In loving memory of a beloved sister and daughter...' You cleared your throat,"Honestly I wasn't going to say anything to you but since now that you're my roommate you at least have the right...and it was Youngjae's condition." You smiled at him as he still looked very shocked,"Y/N...you're lying right?" Tears streamed down your face,"I wish I was...I would give everything to be normal again. To not have to worry about dying. To just worry about what job to take on after graduation." You scoffed as Jungkook placed his hands on yours,"To be able to work, meet someone, and have a family." You cried harder thinking about the possible future you can have that would've been possible if it wasn't for this damn illness. "Y/N..." You shook your head,"I don't want your pity Jungkook. You know me...so please don't change...just be the JK I have always known..." He smiled,"I was actually going to ask when I can move in and where I should put my photography stuff." You laughed wiping away the tears,"Right. I have that room for photography stuff but we'll empty it out and it can be your room and then the living room can just be our photo studio." He nodded,"Okay I'll move in whenever you tell me to." You nodded and smiled and you hugged him,"Thanks." Its been a month or since the day your grandmother died. Jungkook has moved in and to your surprise no one from his fan base has attacked you for having Jungkook living with you. You and Jungkook were watching a movie. Something about a man from North Korea going undercover. You had rested your feet on Jungkook as he rested his head on his arms when someone knocked on your door. "You rolled your eyes and groaned,"Uhhhh...Ill open it." Jungkook smiled,"Good I wasn't planning on opening it." You stuck your tongue out as you placed your feet on the ground slowly approaching the door,"Hey! Open the door!!" You stared at the door the voice seemed familiar but you couldn't put a finger on it. You finally opened the door and to your surprise a drunk Jin had fallen on top of you. "Woah..oh my god Jin you reek of alcohol." You coughed at the strong scent of vodka emitting from the drunken boy in your arms. You were even more surprised that he had remembered where you had lived even though all he had done was visit once and that was a month ago. "Y/N...what have you done to me?" You heard Jungkook coming up from behind you,"Uh need help?" You nodded,"Please." Jungkook then lifted the older man with ease and placed him on the couch,"What happened?" You shrugged your shoulders. Jungkook covered his nose,"Oh god he reeks." You nodded as you went to the kitchen and filled a big bowl with cold water and placed a small towel in the water as you watched a passed out Jin moving around on the couch. You approached the boy with the bowl of cold water astonished at his beautiful drunken face. You then took the towel wringing out all the water as possible with your strength and brought it to his forehead trailing it down to his eyes, then nose, then his lips. You stopped suddenly remembering the time you had kissed. You tried your best this last month to forget Jin. Especially since the deal with Suzy but I guess you weren't doing a very great job because your heart still fluttered a little. Jungkook cleared his throat as you shook your head and continued wiping Jin's face,"Ill go get him some coffee from the convenience store. Call if anything happens." You nodded as the sound of the door shutting followed. You were about to dump out the water when Jin suddenly grabbed your wrist. You placed the water down as you kneeled infront of him, "You need to leave as soon as you're all sobered up okay?" Jin smiled as he gently placed his hands on your cheeks. You froze in place. It was as if at this moment he was the Seokjin you knew. Not the arrogant annoying front he always had. "J-Jin what do you thi--" Before you can finish your sentence his lips brushed against yours. You stood there in place as if someone had just pressed the pause button and you're just stuck in this moment. "I think I've fallen for you." He whispered as he ended the kiss with his forehead leaning against yours. Your eyes widened as you pushed him away from you causing you to fall on your ass and his head to fall. "What do you think your doing?" He shrugged sitting up,"I honestly don't know anymore...but before I go to bed you're all I can think of. When I wake up the first thing I think about is you. When you're not with me I long for you." You scoffed completely unsure of how you should react. You didn't even know whether to take him seriously or just to take all this as drunken talk. But then there is that saying that a drunken man's words is a sober man's thoughts. Is he just toying with me or is there truth to his words. You stood up shaking your head. No you knew he was a player. You knew he had Suzy. "And Suzy?" He laughs,"She's just like everyone else...she's probably with someone else as we speak. But you...your different you're pure...and you make me feel like everything I do even with the real me is someone worth falling for..." "What are you talking about?" He laughs,"Acting? I'm not that devoted...Fuck that. I even kissed you because I felt like it. I wasn't playing a role. That was who I am...the Seokjin you meant is who I actually am." You tilted your head confused but before you can say anything else he had fallen back to sleep. You looked at his sleeping face and placed the loose hairs on his face aside,"Your stupid Jin...social popularity will mean nothing once you've reached a point in your life...trust me. Just be yourself." You then leaned in to place a kiss on his lips. "What are you doing?" You turned your head to see Jungkook. You didn't notice he'd come in, "Just leave him Y/N...leave him to be with Suzy." You looked at Jin,"Why should I he's suffering with her..." Jungkook sighed as you stood up to look him in the eyes,"Because you're dying...Y/N what'll hurt him more? Suzy being a cheater or the women he loves dying before him?" You looked back down at Jin and tears went down your face,"Can't I be happy for a while? Can't we be happy for even just a little while...?" Jungkook shrugged,"Everything is up to you Y/N."
how sad and fucked up at the same time tag me please sorry for my cussing
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