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Now its Jungyeon’s turn.
Jungyeon is the 3rd main singer, lead rapper and lead dancer. Her sister is actress Gong Seung Yeon who also was the one to announce her as part of Twice.
She joined JYP in March 2010 and was supposed to debut with a group called 6mis, sadly the debut was canceled. That’s alright, a few years later she debuted with Twice.
Jungyeon is one of the chillest people in the group, she is the peacekeeper and the one the girls turn to her when they need to talk.

She was one of the girls that netizens had caught the eye of, but they actually turned to tell her how beautiful she was after she said she was the least prettiest members. You can tell, her fans do love her and in turn she is charming and sweet, giving great fan service to ONCE.
A few extra things about her.

Jungyeon was born in Suwon, South Korea
Jungyeon enjoys being able to lay back, enjoy a movie or cooking.
She likes to imitate other people, in a playful manner
Her favorite clothing item is jeans.
She won’t leave on a trip without her hair straightener, its her favorite item.
No exeption, Jungyeon does love playing games on her phone.
The Singer Jessie J is her role model.
Her father owns his own restaurant.

I love how down to earth she is and how funny she acts while imitating the other girls, lol little teasing between them all. hehe shows how well she gets along with the others.