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Getting out of the stuffy, hot classrooms, you welcomed the cool hallways with open arms. Just feeling the relief of relaxing your brain at lunch time, you followed the flow of pupils down to the cafeteria. Waiting your turn in line, you got your food and walked over to an empty table.

Your eyes looked down at your less-than-appetizing food, you poked the overcooked rice with your chopsticks as you let out a sigh. Rounding your shoulder, lifting your arm on the table and resting your head against your fist.

“Is everything okay?” You heard a friendly voice say as your head lifted just so to see your friend sitting across from you.

“Just tired, is all” You sighed, seeing Dongwoo’s eyes full of concern for you.

“Are you sure?” Dongwoo reached out and rested his hand over yours, nodding your head, he reached from his food tray and lifted up some of his rice and lead it to your mouth.

Taking it carefully, you chewed it and smiled at him for a silent thank you, before you saw Sunggyu.

“Sunggyu, come sit over here” You called out to him, waving your hand to get his attention.

Changing his course, he took the seat next to you and started eating his meal. Watching his side profile, you smiled gently before your chopsticks slipped and your hand ended up in your mushy rice. Looking back down at your hand, you lifted it from your meal as Dongwoo pushed some napkins your way.

“You should be more careful” Sunggyu turned to you, feeling your cheeks redden, you dropped your gaze and nodded.

A gentle pair of hands brought your hand up and towards him, who sat across from you. Carefully wiping off your hand from the mushy rice, Dongwoo traded his food tray with yours, so you would have a good meal.

“I better get going, I have some things I need to work on.” Sunggyu excused himself, feeling your heart being pulled tight, you watched him walk away with his food tray.

“A-Ah thank you, Dongwoo” You bowed to him as you took your hand from his.

“No problem” He smiled at you.

The two of you finished lunch, the lunch bell rang and everyone headed back off to class. Instead of going to study hall, you got a free pass to go to the library to study.

Finding a seat by the window, you pulled out your books and flipped to an empty page in your notebook. Working on a few assignments, you opened your text book to the correct page as you started answering the required questions.

Tapping the eraser of your pencil against your lips, you looked up from your spiral notebook and saw Sunggyu sleeping on a pile of his books. His head resting on his arm while his shoulders moved up and down with every breath that he took. Looking back down at your name in the top right hand corner of your empty piece of paper, you rested your pencil against the paper and started to write down your assignment.

Trying hard to focus on your homework was no use when your crush was sitting just a table away from you. Looking back down at your half finished assignment, you started to draw in the margins.

A while later, a slight tapping on your shoulder pulled you out of your artistic state and looked at the man that took the seat next to you.

“Woohyun, what are you doing here?” You questioned quietly

“Well I was going to work on some homework” Woohyun pulled his backpack around and into his lap before he lifted some books out of his backpack.

Glancing over at your paper, he saw the drawing that slightly went off the page, leaning over he smiled as he tried to see if you drew anyone around.

“Who is that?” Woohyun asked, tapping your sketch lightly

“Dongwoo” You confessed quietly

“What? I could have swore it was Sunggyu” Woohyun looked up at you with wide, shocked eyes.

“No, I kind of started to give up on Sunggyu, honestly” You confessed to your friend.

“Why? Did he do something?” Woohyun was now leaning in closer to you, so he didn’t have to talk so loud.

“It isn’t that he did something, it is because he didn’t do anything” You dropped your eyes at the sketch and lifted your hand back up and flipped over the page.

“Are you falling for someone else?” Woohyun probed

“Wouldn’t you if this boy was nice to you and was a gentleman and actually treated you like he cared about you and loved you?” You turned your head in his direction, slowly bobbing his head he started to agree with you.

“Don’t give up on Sunggyu though” Woohyun placed a hand on your shoulder

“Why? He doesn’t seem to care that I like him” You ran your fingers through your hair and let out a deep sigh.

“But he does, he really likes you.” Woohyun rubbed your shoulder gently

“You are just saying that” You retorted

“I’m not, don’t you ever wonder why he is so quiet around you? He can’t talk to someone he loves.” Woohyun started to clearify

“Go on” You probed wanting a little more

“Then when he leaves you at lunch, he can’t breathe when he is around you, he feels like he would disappoint you if he started to make a conversation with you.” Woohyun started to confess all of Sunggyu’s little quirks that made you think that it was a one sided love.

Another bell rang and you went home for the day, with a lot on your mind, you walked slow just enjoying the time by yourself. Mulling over your feelings for Dongwoo and Sunggyu, you finally came to a conclusion. Sleeping on your decision for a few days, you stuck with your choice and knew that it was for the better.

With Sunggyu and Dongwoo acting like themselves, Dongwoo always flattering you and making you feel special while you seemed to be trying to be persuaded by Sunggyu with small little gifts and confessions, you asked both of those guys to meet you in the school yard.

“Hey _______!” Dongwoo happily waved to you as he stood in front of you.

“Thanks for coming on such short notice” You smiled at him as you saw Sunggyu walk over, fiddling with his hands while he was distant to you.

“W-What is Sunggyu doing here?” Dongwoo stuttered a little in shock

“I wanted to talk to both of you” You stood between them, looking down at your shoes.

“I-Is it something bad?” Dongwoo questioned you softly.

“No, well… I don’t think it is” You glanced up at him while he let out a sigh of relief.

“I just wanted to say to both of you that I have noticed that you both have been doing wonderful things for me, but I just don’t think I am not ready for a relationship right now.
See… if I choose one of you than the other one would be hurt and I can’t hurt either one of you.” You dropped your head after looking at both of them.

“That is okay, I’ll wait for you” Sunggyu finally spoke and stood beside you. Looking up at him, you smiled and nodded, linking your arm with his.

“Me too, you are worth waiting for~” Dongwoo linked his arm with your other free arm.

“Thanks guys” You looked at both of them, “Now can I take you two out for some ice cream?”

“How can we say no to such a sweet treat!” Dongwoo bounced on his feet as you giggled and looked over at Sunggyu

“I would love some” Sunggyu smiled brightly

The three of you happily started to walk towards town, under the overhanging trees as the three of you talked and started a new friend relationship between the three of you.