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Clocking into work, you pulled your black apron over your beige shirt and black jeans, you tied a bow in the back before you headed out to the front of the store. Flipping the sign from Closed to Open, you walked around the cafe, straightening the chairs and making sure the tops of the tables were clean.

The bell happily jingled, turning around on your toes, you greeted seven boys with a warm smile.

“Welcome” You smiled as they nodded and pulled three tables together, sitting around the table, you let them settle in and look over the menu in the middle of the table.
Grabbing a pad of paper and a pen, you walked back over to the table that they were sitting.
Clearing your throat, all of the boys’ looked over to you but one’s eyes seemed to shine brighter than the others.

“May I take your order?” You cooed, glancing around the table at everyone’s face.
Going around the table and writing down everyone’s order, you jotted it all down on your pad of paper before you turned around and went behind the counter to make them all their drinks.

“Dongwoo” Hoya waved his hand in front of his friends’ face

“A-Ah… Huh?” Dongwoo stuttered, tearing his eyes away from watching you to Hoya.

“I was thinking we could work on our special stage dance together today” Hoya offered

“O-Oh yeah, w-we should probably start t-that” Dongwoo kept glancing over at you.

“What are you looking at?” Sungyeol leaned over and rested his chin on Dongwoo’s shoulder, a smile grew on his face.

“Does Dongwoo see something?” Woohyun leaned over too to see what he was seeing.

“Oh~ She’s pretty” Woohyun sang as Myungsoo pressed his finger against his own lips, signaling Woohyun to keep quiet.

Walking over to the table with a tray full of seven drinks, you smiled and placed the tray on the table as you called out the orders and placed them in front of the costumer.

“If you guys need anything else, just ask” You smiled, bowing to them, you took back the tray and walked over behind the counter to clean the dishes that you just got dirty.

“Go talk to her” Woohyun nudged Dongwoo

“I-I don’t k-k-know…” Dongwoo looked down into his lap, his fingers twisting the rings around.

“Come on, if you think she is pretty then you at least should tell her” Sungjong sipped his coffee with a smile, folding his legs over one another under the table.

“You can pay for the drinks then, Dongwoo” Sunggyu spoke up

“W-W-What?” Dongwoo stuttered, his eyes lifting up to the leader of the group.

“Good thinking Sunggyu-hyung!” Woohyun beamed

“I-I am not following” Dongwoo looked between the two confused

“Sunggyu wants for you to pay for the drinks so you have a chance to talk to her” Hoya clearified

Dongwoo’s mouth formed into an ‘o’ shape before he looked down and sipped his coffee slowly. Small conversations filled the air around the members as some costumers started to busy the shop.

Moving around from table to table, you got their order and made their drinks. Dongwoo watched your every move, seeing you play with a little toddler as you brought out some foamed milk for him. His heart started to swell and pound harder against his ribs.

“Let’s go” Myungsoo stood up and left the cups where they were, the members standing up and pushing in their chairs.

“Dongwoo, go pay for the drinks” Sunggyu whispered and handed him some cash, nodding his head, he shuffled his feet over to the counter.

“May I help you?” You turned around and stood behind the cashier.

“I-I would like to p-pay for the d-d-drinks” Dongwoo stuttered unable to make eye contact with you.

“Okay, so the group of seven…” You pushed some buttons and read him off the total.

Dongwoo slid the amount of money that Sunggyu gave him over the counter to you. Counting the money and sliding him back his change, he picked it all up and tucked it into the tip jar.
With a big smile he bowed to you while the members started to head out the door. About on his way out, you grabbed a rag and started to wipe down the counter, getting a tray you walked over to their table and started to set their dirtied cups on the tray.

Another pair of hands came into your view, helping place the mugs on the tray. Lifting your eyes, you saw the man that paid for the drinks, the same man that was with the party of seven.

“Thank you” You bowed to him

“No problem” He smiled at you, “Thank you for the coffee”

“You are welcome” His simple comment made you smile.

“Dongwoo!” Sunggyu called from the open door.

“I-I have to g-g-go…. bye” He waved at you and you waved back as he ran out of the door and ran down the street to meet with the six other boys.

The bell ringed at the end of your work day, your head snapping up slower than at the beginning of the day, you smiled when you saw that same young man that gave you the large tip.

“Hello” You sang as he walked up to the counter. “What can I get for you today?”

Placing his order, he gave you another bright smile and turned around to find a seat in the empty shop. Once you made it, you carried it over to him.

“Thank you so much” Dongwoo lifted his eyes and read your name tag, “______”

“You’re welcome” You bowed and headed over to flip the sign on the door from Open to

Dongwoo watched you turn around the sign. “Sorry if I am intruding” He started to stand up.

“Oh no, not at all, please enjoy your coffee” You told him, not really wanting him to run off.
Sitting back down in his seat, you headed into the back grabbing a broom, you swept the whole cafe and cleaned all of the tops of tables.

A few months passed, Dongwoo kept visiting you and ordering coffee from you just before closing time. Watching you sweep and clean up, he would pay you a little extra for staying open just for him.

Now you were his fiance, you had quit that job at the cafe and worked for Infinite as their co manager, helping him with his music and dancing, you were blessed to spend as much time as you had with him.

One morning, you brought them all coffee, thanking you the members walked out of the studio. However, Dongwoo sat on the couch, with his order in your hand you sat next to him and leaned into his shoulder. Holding out his drink, he took it from you before his other hand gently held yours.

“Remember where we met?” Dongwoo suddenly questions

“Of course, my most frequent costumer” You smiled and rested your head on his shoulder.

“Well… I probably should tell you that I don’t really like coffee” He confessed and looked down at you. Your eyes lifted and looked at yours.

“Then why did you come to the cafe day after day for months?” You questioned softly.

“I couldn’t spend a day without seeing you” Dongwoo looked into your glistening eyes.

“You did all of that for me?” You probed, lifting your head from his shoulder.

“The first time I saw you with the guys, I couldn’t keep my eyes off of you, there was just
something that I felt like I was connected to you in some way” He told you softly, his thumb
gently brushing over your fingers.

Nodding your head, you leaned over and kissed his cheek softly.

“Thanks for never giving up” You whispered, he turned his head and gently caught your lips
with his.

Placing his coffee on the table beside you, he wrapped his arms around you and brought your close to him while his lips started to move over yours. Running your hands up along his shoulders and around his neck, you heard the studio room door open as Sungyeol came in and quickly covered his eyes.

“Yah! Do you guys have to do that?” Sungyeol whined, “Sunggyu said you needed to come into the van now, they are ready to leave.”

Pulling away from the kiss slightly, he looks into your eyes and rubs your back gently.

“We’ll be right there” He tells Sungyeol, biting his bottom lip, he hears the door close as he leans in and kisses your lips once more.

Pulling away one last time, he stood up and you stood up, he bent down a little and you hopped on his back, holding onto his shoulders, you held his bag in your hand, in front of him.
Carrying you out to the van, he trotted down the hall causing you to hold onto him tighter and a bright smile come onto your face and your angelic laugh fill the empty corridors of the company.