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The soft, warm afternoon light cut through the slats of the blinds while Dongwoo’s toes wiggled in the cool breeze from the open window, listening to the music on his phone, he closed his eyes and tried to relax while his mind effortlessly wondered to what you were doing.

Just as a smile was starting to creep onto his face from just the mere thought of you, he heard his music fade and his phone start to vibrate to an incoming call. Lifting the phone from beside him, he looked at the jumbled numbers, letting it ring, he set it back down as he didn’t want to pick up from someone he didn’t know.

The song resumed playing in his ear while the caller was diverted to his voice mail. Just as the song was getting to the chorus, another incoming call interrupted the melody, picking up the phone, he saw the same numbers illuminated across the screen.

Furrowing his eyebrows together, he stared at his screen as the phone vibrated in his hand.

“Aren’t you going to pick it up?” Sungyeol questioned, looking up from his comic book that he was reading though.

“I don’t know the number” Dongwoo reasoned as he turned on his side and placed the now silent phone beside him again.

With his music resuming for a moment more, the phone began to ring again. Dongwoo sat upright quickly and held the phone delicately in his hands wondering what he should do.

“Just answer it, obviously someone needs something” Sungyeol flipped a page of his comic over.

“But what if I don’t know them?” Dongwoo questioned, glancing down at the phone as his thumb started to hover over the answer button.

“Then they will know and will get another number” Sungyeol sighed as Dongwoo pulled out his headphones from the phone and from his ears before he answered the call and placed the phone against his ear.

“Hello?” Dongwoo cooed softly, trying to sound cheerful.

“I am sorry to bother you sir, but are you Jang Dongwoo?” Dongwoo’s eyes got wide as he sat closer to the edge of the bed, Sungyeol turning his attention to his hyung as he heard the muffled talking.

“Who is this?” Dongwoo questioned not wanting to agree if it was a fan.

“Nurse Kim” She told him over the phone as Dongwoo took in where she worked while Sungyeol moved next to Dongwoo wondering what this call was all about.

“Why are you calling me?” Dongwoo questioned once she got out all of the information about herself.

“Your girlfriend, ___ ______ has come into our emergency department and is ready to be released but she needs someone to take her home.” Nurse Kim explained.

“Is she okay?” Dongwoo gripped the bed tightly, his finger tips turning white as he tightly held the sheets tightly between his balled fist.

“We can talk more when you get here” Nurse Kim replies as she gives him directions to the hospital.

Hanging up the call, Dongwoo sprung up and grabbed his coat and one of his jackets for you before balancing on one foot as he pulled on a sneaker on his foot before bouncing on his other foot as he slipped the matching shoe on his foot.Slipping his wallet into his back pocket, Sungyeol looked up at Dongwoo with wide eyes being very confused.

“W-W-Where are you going?” Sungyeol finally managed to ask

“I have to go get ______” Dongwoo stated while flinging open the door of the bedroom and trotting through the living room and kitchen before getting to the front door.

“Yah no running” Sunggyu scolded from under his closed eyes

“Sorry Hyung” Dongwoo bowed before making his way to the key holder, rummaging through
all of the keys, he finally found his.

“What’s the hurry?” Hoya chuckled as he turned his head to see Dongwoo patting his pockets making sure that he got everything.

“______ is in the hospital and I need to go pick her up” Dongwoo explained as he figured he had everything he needed.

“Hospital?” The members questioned around the same time, “What happened?”

“I’m going to find out” He declared as he pulled open the front door, “See ya”

Closing the door behind him, Dongwoo ran down the stairs, his legs pounding like pistons as he tried to go as fast as he could just to get to you. Pushing open the door leading outside, he ran to the drivers side of his car, unlocking it with fumbling fingers, he slipped behind the wheel and tossed his extra jacket for you in the passenger seat beside him. Starting the car, he put it into gear before quickly stopping at a nearby shop before he followed the directions the nurse gave him to the hospital that you were staying at.

Pulling into an empty parking space, he grabbed the jacket beside him and a simple bouquet of flowers that he bought you as he got out of the car. Shutting the car door behind him, he locked his car before trotting through the automatic doors and going up to the nurses’ desk and asking for your room number.

Following their vague directions, he looked around like a lost puppy as the nurse that called him noticed and came up to him.

“Are you Jang Dongwoo?” She questioned, “We spoke on the phone, I’m Nurse Kim.”

“Nice to meet you” He bowed politely, yet the anticipation and nervousness was still prominent.

“Let me take you to ______” Nurse Kim pointed the way as he nodded and walked with her until they turned and Nurse Kim opened the large oak door revealing your bed behind a slightly closed curtain.

“What happened to her?” Dongwoo whispered as he turned to the nurse.

“She was in a car accident, she just had some whiplash but the other driver demanded that she came in, so we took her and ran some tests to just make sure, but everything is fine” She reassured while Dongwoo let out a sigh of relief. “She might be tired and sore but that should fade in a week.”

“May I go in and see her?” Dongwoo questioned, noting everything that Nurse Kim said in his mind.

“Of course, she is sleeping, but when she wakes up she is welcome to go home with you.” She smiled, Dongwoo nodded and slowly started to walk into your room.

Hearing the constant beeping of the monitors, he tried to keep in mind that you were fine. Peering around the curtain, he saw you peacefully sleeping against the sterile white sheets of the bed. Slowly making his way over to your side and sitting on the edge of the chair that was already there, he looked up at your face.

Reaching out slowly, he brushed your cheek softly before tucking some hair behind your ear.
Brushing the backs of his fingers on your cheek to the tip of your chin, he folded the jacket over his leg, his hand dropping from your cheek then sliding his hand into the one closest to him.

“I’m here sweetie” Dongwoo whispered softly, his other hand playing with the bottom stems of the flowers while the hand that was lovingly holding yours brushed over your fingers.

Waiting a few minutes, Dongwoo kept his eyes on you, taking in the cuts and scratches on your face from the glass window before he saw your eyes start to open. Holding your hand a little tighter, you squeezed his hand back, dropping his eyes from your interlocked hands then back up to your open eyes, he smiled softly.

“Dongwoo, what are you doing here?” You whispered feeling your dry throat crack a little.

“I came to take you home” He smiled a little brighter, sitting up he kissed your forehead. Your eyes closed at the kiss and opened when he pulled away.

“What are those for?” You questioned pointing to the flowers in his hands

“You, aren’t supposed to get someone in the hospital flowers to wish them a fast recovery, aren’t you?” Dongwoo chuckled a little nervous while he held the flowers out for you to take.
Nodding your head, you smiled and took the beautiful flowers gently smelling them.

“They are lovely and absolutely beautiful” You smiled over at him, his eyes dropped while his
bright smile shined down to the floor.

Once Dongwoo got the nurse, he had to sign a few papers, changing back into your clothes, he pulled his spare jacket around you.Taking in the sweet scent of your boyfriend, he wrapped his arm around your waist and walked, your agonizing slow pace, down the his car. Opening the door for you, you slid into the seat and relaxed against the back of the seat. Buckling you in, he closed the door and walked around to the other side, getting behind the wheel he started up the car.

Driving you back to the dorm, he checked the time, figuring that the other members were already at practice, he pulled into his spot. Parking his car, he got out and went over to your side, lifting you up into his arms, he carried you inside.

Unlocking the dorm door, he closed the front door with his hip before making his way into his room with you.

“What are we doing here?” You questioned, finally opening your eyes as you felt him set you down on a bed.

“You need to rest and I need to be with the members and you” He whispered, situating a pillow under your head, pulling a fluffy blanket over you. Dongwoo stood up and closed the blinds to make the room darker for you before he sat on the edge of his bed and pet the side of your head gently.

“How are you feeling?” He questioned at a whisper, looking over your tired face, your eyes closing slowly.

“Tired” You replied quietly

“Take a nap, it might make you feel better” He leaned over and kissed the tip of your nose. “Do you need anything?”

“You” You sighed and slid your hand over his, “Can you sleep with me?” A yawn escaped your lips while he hummed in agreement.

Laying down next to you, he opened his arms and let you get comfortable, with your head on his chest and your arms around his waist, he rested one arm around your mid back while his other hand brushed against your exposed arm.

Lifting his hand up to your hair, he gently twirls your hair around his fingers as he feels your body relax against his and your warm breath spilling over his exposed chest. Leaning over, he presses his lips gently against your forehead before humming a lullaby for you, lulling himself to sleep with you.