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🌟Yoo In Na🌟

Yoo In na (Hanglu: 유인나, born June 5, 1982) is a South Korean actress. She was born and raised in Seongnam, South Korea.

She made her debut through her performance in the TV popular drama sitcom series ‘High Kick Through the Roof'(2009), which made her name become known nationwide.

As well as being an actress, she is also active in various fields in the entertainment world, such as a DJ of the radio program or modeling. She is one of the most promising actresses in South Korea.

Yoo is not dating with anyone now. Her broken heart seems not to be healed since she broke up with her ex boyfriend, Ji Hyun woo, a South Korean actor, in 2013.

Getting through the hardship, Yoo has recently become 34 years old, adding attractiveness as a mature women. She is trying to further develop her talent as an actress. The other day, she has announced that she is going to quit the DJ of the KBS 2FM radio program ‘Let’s Crank Up the Volume’ (2007 present).

She has been in charge of this program as the 6th DJ for five years. The program has many fans and Yoo won the Best Radio DJ in the KBS Entertainment Award in 2014.

Her sudden announcement made her fans shocked, but it shows her firm determination to become a more able and talented actress. So, she seems not to feel like being dating with anyone.

Ex Boyfriend

Ji Hyun woo

Yoo was dating with Ji Hyun woo, an actor in South Korea. They co starred in the TV drama series, ‘Queen In hyun’s Man'(2012).

After the shooting the drama, Ji suddenly announced his feeling for her to the public, which made their fans get surprised so much.

They soon started their serious relationship. Two months later, Ji joined the military service of South Korea, but they had kept their relationship for about two years instead of separation, which impressed many their fans and gained a lot of their support.

After Ji’s finishing two year serve in the military, however, they suddenly announced that they split up, which made many of their fans feel disappointed.

Her Ideal type of man

On the interview in the promoting event of the movie ‘My Black Mini Dress’’ (2011), Yoo was asked about her ideal type of man.

She answered as follows; “I like someone who is frank, natural and simple like Kim Jae dong, (the leading character in the film whom Min hee (as Yoo) falls in love) ”
She also said that she didn’t care about how he looked.
“Appearance doesn’t mean a lot to me. My ideal person is someone who takes much care of me, what would be better, won’t cheat me.”
How her fan think about her lover

When Yoo’s fans heard that she broke up with Ji Hyun woo, they were so shocked and disappointed.

The couple gained a lot of support from their fans because they wouldn’t stop their relationship even if they couldn’t see for two years due to ji’s military service.

They firmly believed that the two were going to get married. Many of them hoped that she would get back to him. But their wish did not come true.

They never reconciled and went a different way in each life.

List of Love story Dramas/Movies She Appeared On

Television Dramas

High Kick Through the Roof (2009) as Yoo In na
Secret Garden (2010) as Im Ah young
The Greatest Love(2011) as Kang Se ri
Birdie Buddy (2011) as Lee Gong sook
Queen In hyun’s Man (2012) as Choi Hee jin
You’re the Best, Lee Soon shin (2013) as Lee Yoo shin
My Love from the Star (2013) as Yoo Se mi
My Secret Hotel (2014) as Nam Sang hyo
Secret Message (2015) as Amy
One More Happy Ending (2016) as Go Dong mi


The Fair Love (2010) as Jin hee
My Black Mini Dress (2011) as Min hee
Love Fiction(2012) as Soo jung / Kyung sook
Wedding Bible (2014)
Wind Wind Wind (2015)

List of Love Songs She Sings

“You, That Day” Humming Urban Stereo feat. Yoo In na That Day single (2011)
My Black Mini Dress” Yoon Eun hye, Park Han byul,(2011)
Cha Ye ryun and Yoo In na My Black Mini Dress OST(2011)
Of course Goblin favirite are some GOBLIN'S gifs..
LOL! that was funny..
LOL!! thiss two a shame they came back but couldnt remember their past...but that was their happy ending tho..
I wish they they make second one ..just to see their life after all that happened hehe..too much to ask right?


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She's a great actress. Its always love or hate her with me. It depends on her roles. That's how good she is 😊
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I loved her in goblin ❤
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She is so beautiful and talented. T_T
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