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Vibrant colors started to slowly fade behind the clouds while the sun descended lower and lower until it couldn’t be seen. Pinks, oranges and golds were brightly painted across the sky before the slowly started to fade, letting the beautiful moon to claim the sky as its’ stars started to twinkle. The beautiful azure sky started to slowly change into beautiful shades of grey, watching the amazing show that nature showcased.

Pushing your code slowly into the keypad of your door, you listened to the beeps after every button that you pushed before the door unlocked and sang it’s gentle song to welcome you
home. A tired sigh escaped your lips as you stepped into the entrance of your apartment.

Pushing the door closed you slowly let your head drop forward until your chin rested on your
chest. Allowing your eyes to close for a brief moment, you slipped out of your work shoes and relieved your feet from the confines that they were in all day. Peeling off your jacket from your shoulders, you carefully hung it up on one of the empty hooks by the door after you placed your purse on the bench below your coats.

Opening your eyes, shadows were lightly cast from the disappearing sunset light as you carefully padded your way into your bedroom. Pushing open your slightly closed door, you flipped on the light and unbuttoned your creme colored shirt, pulling the shirt out of your navy blue pencil skirt you headed into your closet to change into some slightly large and very comfy pajama pants and an old comfortable shirt.

Pushing the door open with your hip, you lifted your hands up to your hair with your fingers carefully undoing your hair that was in a tight bun. Unraveling your bun with your fingers, you smiled softly to yourself feeling relaxed and comfy at last.

Slowly heading out into your kitchen, you pulled open the door to your pantry as you tried to find something to eat. Tapping your bottom lip with your finger, you slightly cocked one leg while you decided on what would be good to eat. Picking up a bag of pretzels, your fingers found the little treats and lead them up to your mouth.

Taking the load off of your feet, you lifted yourself up onto your counter top while you hummed at the little snack that was slowly filling your stomach. A sudden knock on your door caught you off guard causing your head to snap around and look over at the door. Remaining completely still, you waited to see if the person behind the door would leave. However they just knocked again, slipped off of the counter, you made your way over to the door.

Fiddling with the locks, you pulled the door open slightly to see a familiar face snap up from looking at the ground.

“H-Hi Jagiya~” His sweet voice sang as it shook a little while he quickly shifted from one foot to the other.

“Hi Mister Woo” You smiled and leaned against the edge of the door as you opened it a little more to him.

“I-I am glad that you are home, I tried a few other times during the week but no one answered”
He looked down at the toes of his shoes while they moved against your welcome mat.

“Sorry that I wasn’t home, I have been busy with work and night classes” You looked down as well, “I bet you have been busy too.”

“Yeah… we have been doing a lot of different things lately” He chuckled a little, his laugh making your heart flutter and a smile curl onto your lips.

Dongwoo glanced up and saw your smile as his nerves calmed down a little bit while his hand gently gripped his backpack that hung to his side. Seeing that he was still in the hallway of your apartment building, you shook your head lightly to clear you mind as you opened the door a little.

“Oh sorry, did you want to come in?” You blinked your eyes a few times, finding your boyfriend to be a sight for your sore and tired eyes.

“I actually wanted to ask you if you wanted to watch some movies with me?” He gestured to his bag in his hand as the smile on your face just spread from ear to ear.

“How can I say no to a sweet offer and such a handsome boyfriend like yourself?” You giggled and nodded your head, opening the door the rest of the way, he smiled and walked into your

Taking off his shoes and his jacket, he hung it up with care as you made your way back into the kitchen to grab another handful of pretzels. Looking over at him, he stepped into your home as he unzipped his backpack a little.

“What movie were you wanting to watch, Woo?” You questioned while your eyes started at his socked feet, gradually lifting your eyes to his loose black sweat pants and his pale blue tank top, you blushed slightly seeing his exposed muscles and collarbones.

“I brought a few movies that I thought we could watch if that is okay” Dongwoo rubbed the back of his neck before he placed his backpack on the top of the couch and unzipped it so he could pull out the stack of movies that he brought for the two of you to watch.

“I just didn’t know what you wanted to watch so I brought all of my Disney and Pixar movies that I had~” He nervously chuckled seeing you come over and look through the movies that he had.

Flipping through all of the movies he had, you both finally decided on your favorites and decided to watch a few together to make up for the time that you two had been away from each other.

“I’ll go grab some blankets” You cooed smiling up at him as he giggled and nodded.

“I’ll make some popcorn and put in the movie!” He called after you as he watched you trot down the hall to the closet where you kept all of the comfy blankets.

Pulling out a package of popcorn, he placed it in your microwave and waited until the scent of your favorite flavor of popcorn filled your home. Hearing the popping and dancing of the kernels in the small space made Dongwoo dance as he grabbed some drinks for the two of you while he placed the movie in the player. Once the popcorn was done, Dongwoo got it out carefully and poured it into a large bowl for the two of you to share.

Placing the heaping bowl of popcorn on the coffee table in front of you, he walked back into the kitchen to grab something, however when he saw you trotting back up the hallway, he stopped and ran towards you. Outstretching his arms wide, he trotted towards you and wrapped his arms around you tightly, lifting you up into the air and twirled you around as you couldn’t help but laugh and hold onto him tighter with the pile of blankets between you and him.

As he continued to spin, you wrapped your arms and legs around him, your head rested in the crook of his neck while you closed your eyes taking in his subtle yet comforting scent.

“I missed your hugs” You whispered quietly as his spinning slowed and his hand rubbed your back while his other hand held you up.

“I missed yours more” His warm breath grazed over your ear which sent chills down your spine. Twisting his body slowly from side to side, he closed his eyes and kissed your cheek softly as the two of you just held onto each other.

“Do you have to go to work tomorrow?” He questioned while his fingertips gently pressed into your skin, wishing with his heart that you didn’t.

“No, I have two days off now” You lifted your chin gently and pulled away a little to look into his eyes. “What about you?”

“I am sure that the manager wouldn’t mind if I took at least one day off~” He smiled and lifted his hand to your cheek as the back of his fingers brushed over your soft skin. A smile grew on your face along with the blush tinting your cheeks a bright pink.

Walking with you over to the couch, he sat down and turned so that you could see the screen too. Pulling away, you placed the blankets down beside the two of you before you rested your head under his chin and your arms snaked around his torso. Pulling one blanket from the pile, Dongwoo draped it over your back and gently slid his hand down from the top of your spine to the bottom.

“Ready?” He whispered looking down at you

“Mhmmm” You hummed back, already being soothed and becoming more relaxed at his warm touch and his constant heartbeat.

Pressing the play button, you both started the movie as the lights were turned down low. The light from the movie highlighting your faces while the simple storyline progressed.

About half way through the movie, Dongwoo laid down and rested his head on a pillow that leaned up against the arm of your couch. Careful not to disturb you, he rubbed your back gently as you moved your legs and laced them with his. Your hands moved to his sides as his shirt slid up a little from his movement as the tips of your fingers brushed against his skin lightly. A smile grew on his face as he looked down at you and kissed the top of your head gently.

Dongwoo’s long fingers carefully pushed your hair out of your eyes and then moved his hand down your neck and to your back. Moving a little to find another comfortable position, the fabric on your pajama pants hiked up to the middle of your legs as you finally found a comfortable position. With one of his hands on your lower back, his other hand gently found the bare skin on your leg and brushed his thumb over it as he watched the movie with heavy lidded eyes.

Feeling the warmth of his skin against yours started to lull you to sleep. With your eyes dropping slowly from your heavy work schedule and all of the drama that had happened, you were finally able to relax. Tucking your head under his chin, you let out a deep breath and closed your eyes. Dongwoo’s hand felt your constant breathing as it started to get slower, just checking on you, he glanced down to see your eyelashes fanned out against your simply beautiful skin.

“Sweet dreams” He whispered and kissed your forehead. “I love you, my angel.”

Pulling back, he watched you for a while as his hand on your back gently slid under your shirt and rested on your warm skin. Feeling content and tired himself, he watched the movie as he turned down the volume so that you could sleep better. It didn’t take long for Dongwoo’s eyes to close and his head to rest against yours.

My favorite place to be is in your arms And mine is to be in yours~
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