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“Isn’t he so dreamy?” Lindsey, your coworker, whined under her breath, her arms folded over on the counter as her body relaxes.
“You just like him because he looks at you while ordering” Ellie retorted quietly while drying off some glasses that sat on the counter.

“He is an idol afterall” Lindsey sighed, her eyes staring straight ahead as you turned to look at her, while helping dry dishes.

“That isn’t a real reason to like anyone, Lindsey.” You added grabbing another plate to dry off one the dried cup was placed with the others.
“Well he is just so cute and his eyes look like a puppy’s and he always says thank you and he dresses super nice” Lindsey rattled off as she slowly picked herself up off of the counter and smoothed out her white shirt under the evergreen colored apron.
“He really is nice, he always puts a tip in our jar too” Ellie remarked while you kept an eye on the front making sure that there were no costumers that needed to be tended to.

“Who is this he you guys are referring to?” You questioned, beginning to place the mugs and plates back into place.

“Jang Dongwoo, he is one of our most regular costumers” Ellie clarified for you.

“Didn’t you see his new hair cut? Wasn’t it gorgeous? He looks good with any style of hair but
the long hair suits him better” Lindsey rambled off as you just smiled and grabbed a damp cloth to wipe down the counter.

The chime of the bell sounded through the empty cafe, your heads shot up as Lindsey froze.

“Speak of the devil” Ellie smiled while moving past Lindsey and nudging her with her elbow.

“Is that him?” You pointed to the man that walked through the front door as two other guys followed behind him.

“Mhmmm” Ellie sang almost in a flirtatious tone as Lindsey just stood there watching his every move.

“Aren’t you going to take his order?” You questioned Lindsey while she snapped out of her trans and began running her fingers through her hair and trying to look through any reflective surface there was in reach.

“I call dibbs!” Lindsey trotted out, passing Ellie on the way. Grabbing a pad of paper and a pen, she slipped them into her apron before you watched from the kitchen pass through.

“Annyeong” Lindsey bowed to the three guys that sat around one of the tables in the corner,

“How can I serve you today?” She questioned as her eyes stayed on Dongwoo.

“I will take my usual, a cocktail please” Dongwoo ordered as she nodded and turned to look at the other two men sitting across from him. Once they ordered, she came back and grabbed some glasses.

Starting on his drink, you carefully mixed his cocktail with the other drinks that the other two have ordered, Lindsey started to babble about his daily outfit and the other guys that came with him, but once you finished his drink, you placed it on a tray as Ellie took it out to him and placed the drinks down on the table in front of him.

“Did you hear him? He said thank you” Lindsey dreamily said while you just rolled your eyes.

“If you like him so much why don’t you go ask him out” You planted a thought in her mind as you rang up their order and had it printed just in case one of you forgot to charge them.

“You know, I heard from the manager that he only comes around because he likes someone who works here” Ellie tucked the black tray under her arm as she began folding napkins.

“Really?!” Lindsey replied a little too loudly, widening your eyes at her, she covered her mouth and glanced over at Dongwoo to see if she caught his attention.

Dongwoo’s laughter filled the shop in a matter of minutes as you couldn’t help but smile at his cute laugh, looking over at Lindsey to see her reaction, you found her hunched over the counter once more.

“Why is he so precious?” She mumbled against her folded arms.

“Stand up, you wouldn’t want him seeing you like this“ You pulled at her arm as she nodded and stood up tall.

“You’re right, I have to be on my best behavior” She agreed as she walked over to Dongwoo’s table.

“You guys have everything that you need?” Lindsey looked at the guys around the table as her gaze stayed on Dongwoo’s for a while.

“We are doing well, thank you… ah… Lindsey” Dongwoo found her name on her name tag which sent her over the moon. Bowing, she walked back to the two of you and held your arm.

“He said my name! He said my name!” She chanted as she wiggled your arm back and forth.

“I know I heard it” You tried to calm her down. “Why don’t you use some of this energy and wash some dishes?”
“Aish” Lindsey’s upper lip raised in disgust as she let go of your arm, “Fine”

Watching her head to the back, you noticed Dongwoo getting up with the two other guys as he strolled up to the register.

“The total will be $15.87″ You read the numbers off of the screen, pulling out his wallet, he pulled out a $20 and slid it across the counter.

“Keep the change” Dongwoo smiled angelically at you.

“That is a large tip” You remarked wondering if he really wanted to give that much.

“I know, you deserve it for such wonderful service” Dongwoo flashed you a wink before he turned around and walked out with the two other guys.

Finishing up with the transaction, you placed the tip into the jar before walking around and cleaning the tables. Noticing that Dongwoo was quite cute and very generous, you began to think that you liked him. Yet when you looked around and saw your coworkers acting and dressing up better than you, you couldn’t help but feel like he couldn’t look at you when he has so many other girls to look at.

Weeks passed, noticing Dongwoo entering the store day after day, you observed him, trying to read him and his actions of what kind of guy he was. Wondering if he was worth investing in, you kept yourself busy to prevent you from over thinking the simplest actions that he did towards you.

Wiping down the tables on one of your late night shifts, alone, you hummed to the songs that played over the speakers. With it being a late night you turned on some of your slow songs to try and help pass the time of your shift. The front bell jingled against the glass door.

“Welcome” You called to the costumer, lifting your head, you watched him take a seat at the bar as you slipped the rag into your back pocket then took out your pad of paper and your pen to write down the order. 

“What can I get you tonight, sir?” You questioned him, ready to write his request down.

“Can I have some juice mixed with vodka please?” He looked up at you, recognizing that he was Dongwoo, you just nodded.

“Sure, anything else I can get you?” You inquired softly

“That will be it for now” He whispered as he lifted his hand up dragging his fingers along his plump, pink lips.
Nodding your head, you turned around and got a whiskey glass from one of the shelves and filled it up with a little ice. Grabbing the shaker, you poured some vodka in there and then added some juice that you thought would be a good addition. Shaking it up to the beat of the song, you heard a soft chuckle come from behind you. Pouring the mixed drink into the whiskey glass, you turned around and placed the glass on a napkin then slid the glass across the counter to him.

“A little late tonight, are we?” You cooed as you retracted your hands from around his glass. His long fingers slowly wrapped around the glass as he nodded his head gently.

“I apologize for coming so close to closing” Dongwoo’s fingers slowly slid up and down the glass letting the condensation wet his fingers.

“That is alright, I was wondering if you were going to show up today” You pulled your rag out of your back pocket of your black jeans and wiped the bar around him.

“You shouldn’t wait for me, you know” He chuckled thinking it was cute of you to notice his absence. “Can I ask you something?”

“S-Sure” You nodded your head, your hand stopped wiping the counter for a moment as you looked up at his eyes.

“What would you do if you like a girl, like you have serious feelings for her but she doesn’t know you exist” Dongwoo dropped his eyes before he lifted the glass up to his lips and took a small sip.

“I would probably say hi to her” You teased slightly, “but if you really like her, just do little things for her, every girl loves it when they are noticed in one way or another.”

“So… if I came to a store every single day just for a chance to see her… she would notice?” Dongwoo questioned, his big brown eyes looking up into yours.

“Hopefully she would” You nodded your head before you grabbed some glasses to dry that you had washed earlier.

“Would you?” Dongwoo quirked an eyebrow up as you had to grip the glass a little tighter to ensure that you wouldn’t drop it.

“I think I would… I hope I would” Your voice drifted off towards the end as you filled his glass a little more with his drink.

“I am sure you would, you are very observant” Dongwoo reassured, setting his glass down on the napkin, he looked up at you. “Can I buy you a drink?”

“I’m on duty” You reminded him

“Can’t I buy you a water or something?” Dongwoo chuckled flashing his perfect smile your way.

“A-Ah you c-c-could” You stammered

“Then… a drink of your choice” He lifted up his glass and tipped it to you before taking another sip. Nodding your head, you made a simple drink for yourself as you sipped it and leaned against the back counter with a smile on your lips.

“So what about this girl, do you see her often?” You probed before sipping your drink again.

“Pretty much every day, unless it is her day off” He replies, his gaze locked on you while you leaned back on your arms.

“So, how do you have time to see her if you come here all the time?” You pried politely.

“Well… actually… she works here” Running his fingers through his long locks, you observed his nervous behavior, just nodding your head, you leaned back and waited for him to expand on his answer.

“Is it Ellie? Lindsey?” You rattled off some names of the girls that worked here, but with each name he hummed negatively. “Who else works here then?”

“You” Those brown eyes of his easily smoldered while his teeth shined from behind his lips.

“No… you can’t like me” You carefully declined as you slipped from the counter thinking you had heard him wrong.

“Why not?” Tilting his head cutely to one side, his eyes intently watched you move behind the counter.

“I’m just ordinary” You mumbled to yourself while you sipped the last of your drink.

“Haven’t you considered that the ordinary people are the most extraordinary?” Dongwoo challenged, “Out of the workers that have worked here, you caught my eye on the first day and kept my attention every day after. There isn’t one visit that I don’t look at you and wonder what I have to do to deserve a girl like you.”

“That is the alcohol talking” Your eyes lifted to his as you saw the truth in his eyes.
“May I take you out on a real date so I can show you that you put the extra in extraordinary?“ Dongwoo fluently asked while pulling out some money from his pocket and slipping it into the tip jar.
“That would be fun” You nodded as he handed you some cash to pay for the drinks.

“I’ll come at the end of one of your shifts and pick you up” Dongwoo leaned in and kissed your cheek over the counter. Letting go of the money, he smiled and pulled back “Keep the change”

Watching him tread across the recently cleaned floors, he glanced back at you once he opened the door, flashing a smile back at you before the door closed and he moseyed down the street.

“So that is how you met Daddy?” Your little boy asked as you and Dongwoo with his arms around you.

“Yep, he picked me up the next day and the rest is history” You smiled, turning your head up towards him as he nodded his head and turned to press his lips against your forehead.

“Well thank you two for the bedtime story, have a good night!” Your little boy trotted back to his bedroom as you just smiled and played with the rings around his fingers absentmindedly.

“I love you just as much if not more than the day I met you” Dongwoo whispered amongst your hair.

“Me too, although Lindsey is pretty jealous you chose me over her” You smiled into his chest as he pulled you against him. “Woohhun is pretty happy dating her though. If it doesn’t work out between those two Sungyeol has the next turn with her” Dongwoo laughed breathlessly causing you to smile like he always has done without fail.