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Walking up to your front door, you felt a slight tightening in your chest as you twisted the key and unlocked the door from the outside. Slipping through your front door, you closed the door behind you before quickly set your purse in its place while you slipped off your shoes and looked up just for a moment to see Dongwoo sitting on the couch. His feet were resting on the coffee table in front of him while his body was slumped against the cushions on the couch. Not wanting to say anything, you shuffled across the floor to your shared bedroom.
Your movement across the floor caught your boyfriend Dongwoo’s attention as he turned his head. A smile started to curl on his lips until he watched you walk down the hallway.
“Jag-” Dongwoo called your name however the bedroom door slamming closed cut off his words as he leaned forward and moved his feet off of the coffee table.
“Why didn’t she say hi?” Dongwoo mumbled to himself as he stood up and carried his emptied water bottle over to the sink, refilling the bottle, he placed it in the fridge before his eyes rounded the corner seeing the master bedroom door closed.
Curiously wondering from the kitchen into the hallway, he found himself in front of the white door as he pressed his ear against the door trying to hear for anything. Lifting his hand up to the white door, his knuckles gently knocked on the door while his other hand slowly twisted the handle on the door, opening it slowly.

The room was silent as he poked his head through the opening of the door as you curled up on the bed and rolled over, having your back face him.

“Jagiya, are you okay?” He inquired softly, moving from the doorway over to the edge of your side of the bed.

“Just fine, thank you” You whispered with a cold tone lining your words. Closing your eyes you tried to keep your tears at bay you heard some movement behind you as the bed soon dipped almost causing you to roll back over to your other side.

“Woo, I just want to be alone okay?” You whispered, your voice crackling slightly as you felt the bed shift a little more as he crawled over you to get to his side of the bed.

“I am just going to lay here then” Dongwoo replied as he looked over at you all curled up in a ball.
Nodding your head slowly, you lifted your arms up to cover your face as your eyes allowed some tears to escape as your shoulders started to move abruptly from the hitched breathing that the tears were causing you. Dongwoo turned his head and watched you, noticing your hair all over your face, he carefully moved closer to you and leaned on his elbow while his other hand began to move the hair out of your face ever so carefully so he wouldn’t hurt you further.
Feeling his warm and welcoming touch, you tried to compose yourself knowing that he was right there next to you yet you couldn’t keep yourself composed for much longer. Slipping his fingers through your hair, his fingers slowly combing all the way out to your ends before returning to the crown of your head and moving his fingers through your hair once more.

A struggled breath left your lips as you curled up tighter into a ball, your hands covering your tear stained face. Feeling the tightening in your chest, you hiccuped as some more tears raced down your face. The light that carefully slipped through the spaces between your fingers soon darkened while a strong arm slowly wrapped around you and pulled you against his chest. The hand still petting your hair as he positioned your head under his chin. Instinctively, you pulled yourself closer to him, your hands slowly retreating from your face to grasp his cotton shirt.

Nuzzling your face against his strong chest that was overlaid with the soft fabric of his shirt, you broke down and sobbed harder than you ever have.
“Baby, it is okay” Dongwoo whispered into your hair, his hand pulled you flush against him as he felt your body shake more with every breath you took.

“It isn’t o-o-o-okay” You retaliated, feeling your body tense, you didn’t have the energy to move from his protective hold on you.

“Why isn’t it okay?” He probed, his fingers spreading along your back before rubbing slow circles along your back.

“Didn’t you hear the rumors?” You sniffled while a few more tears trailed down your cheeks and soaked into his shirt. “My group is going to disband because of all of the disagreements and problems between the girls.” You finally choke out

Dongwoo’s grip tightens on you as he wraps his legs around yours, his head slowly nuzzles yours as he allows you to calm down a little bit more.

“______, your group is very successful they aren’t going to throw away a group that is popular.” He whispered, his fingers playing with the ends of your hair. “Even with the rumors, the company wouldn’t do that to you guys.”

“They would” You replied shortly

“Well if they do then you can come and join Infinite” Dongwoo says cheerfully, his big beautiful smile crawling over his plump pink lips.

“You guys don’t have a spot open” You reply quietly trying to hide a little smile at his kind offer.

“You can take Sunggyu’s spot” He teased, his smile growing larger and larger on his lips.

“He is the leader though” You told him as you heard him hum a little in thought.

“Then Hoya can go, you can battle him out for his singing and dancing and his rapping too” Dongwoo tried to keep his laughter at bay while you shook your head against his chest.

“I can’t beat the dancing machine, he is too good and I can’t be as sarcastic as he is” You
replied slightly louder than before.

“Thank heavens, I don’t know if I could live with you if you are like Hobaby” Dongwoo couldn’t hold back his laughter anymore as he let out a few loud chuckles before looking down at you as his fingers slowly brushed across your forehead, gathering the fallen hairs before tucking them behind your ear.

“Everything will turn out, if this door closes there will be a better door that will open” Dongwoo twirled the ends of your hair around his fingers as you nodded softly.
A smile was prominent on your lips now as you nuzzled your head into his chest, finding his heart with your ear, you slowly wrapped your arms around him securely as you relaxed with ease into his embrace.

“No matter what group you belong to, if it is your current band or another one, you will always have a place in my heart” His soft, comforting voice wrapped around you like your favorite blanket as it sent happy shivers up and down your spine as you stayed in his arms.
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well isn't this perfectly DongWoo. ^.^ loved it.
thank you so much!!! he us a cutie pie