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Going on Instagram after for the first time this week, Omg! I couldn't believe I missed the announcement by a few days, But OMG!
They are going to be kicking it off in March, first in Seoul, besides for Seoul they haven't announced what city's they are going to, I really hope they do Chicago again, fingers crossed lol.
I also really hope Yungguk will be joining the boys on the tour and hope he's doing well!

Amazing news. Gah Kpop is going to wipe me clean of money once again lol

Who else is excited for B.A.P world tour???
what's sad is there is a huge thing since that's the big argument, so fans want to boycott the concerts and not go, so they can rest instead.
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@JiyongLeo @JaxomB lol I love your reasoning, the guys do love what they do, they care for their fans and I can't see them going to long without performing, I mean they get a month or so of slow period to help them recoup, but I bet after a while they will want to get right back on stage. at last that my thought on it.
I'm worried about the boys' health. They just finished another tour......
That's true. I hope they get enough rest
I honestly don't care if they come to Oregon because I have no money, but I'll be ecstatic if Yongguk is back for other Babyz