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Well, screw my life. I feel like I'm the one I loved the most just left me forever..........I will say I need more Chanyeol Spam and I will feel better.....Here you go...enjoy....Oh btw this is my break between episode 5 and 6 of missing 9. This drama is so good, this has got to be getting good ratings! Am I right? lol
This is me praying and coming up with what's going to happen next....I need to know!!!!
It is the most depressing drama I think I've ever watched. 43 started on that plane (according to what they said in episode 6).....
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We actually did see more than that in the first episode. There were a couple other girls we saw in the first episode on the plane. There is a section in front, behind the pilots that has 'real' seats. I'm sure that's where the reporters and the rest of the 'staff' were probably seated. That's why I was so confused about the title being "The Missing Nine."
this is show is getting intense and really good