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Hello everyone! Welcome to Moonbin and MJ Friday!

This week we are taking a look at what music video was the first to draw us into the group.

For me it was their debut MV for Hide and Seek. But technically speaking the song, Innocent Love was what drew me into the group. Well that and my friend, @MaeLyn got me hooked on them!

At first I had so much trouble choosing a bias, it was between Moonbin, Eunwoo, and Rocky and I've since gotten down to just Moonbin with MJ and Eunwoo wrecking sometimes.

For those of you who haven't seen their debut MV, Hide and Seek here it is! (I provided the performance version because @resavalencia has already provided the original version in her card!)
And I'd also like to provide the song Innocent Love for those of you that haven't heard it, it's literally amazing!

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