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Hello Royal Family! Here is @sukkyongwanser OneJunn's one shot prize. I want to send a special Thank you to @jjrockstar for writing our prize one shot for our new Royal Spotlight member @sukkyongwanser

“Onejunn, where are you taking me?” I say. He has me blindfolded and now we are walking somewhere. I hear a lot of people walking and talking. He told me he had a surprise for me. We have been dating for 6 months and we have never told each other that we love each other. We drove forever but now we are here. Wherever we are.“Ok. We are here.” He says. I take off the blindfold and see a huge ferris wheel in front of me. “Wow! Are we going to go on?” I say. “Yes!” He takes me hand and we get on the ferris wheel.Slowly we are going up. I look out and see the ocean and the buildings. I see a cruise ship pass by with colorful lights shining out of the ship. “Suki, let take pictures!” Onejunn says.“Ok!” I take out my phone and we take selfies. We took some cute ones and silly ones as well. I feel my heart beating so fast. Should I tell him? What will he say? “Onejunn?”“Yes?”“I-” but then the cart abruptly stops and I almost fall forward, but Onejunn catches me. “Are you okay?” He asks.“Yea.” I tell him and the ferris wheel keeps going up. I look out and we are really high up. The people look like little ants on the ground. Finally, we make it to the top and Onejunn covers my eyes.“Onejunn what are you doing?” I say laughing. “You'll see.” He turns me to the other side where the ocean is and uncovers my eyes. “What do you see?” He asks.“Hmm. The ocean. The buildings.” I say.He points to the building with the lights on.“Look again.” I look again and that's when I saw it. The words “I love you” shining right in front of my eyes, on the buildings. I turn and look at him.“You did this? For me?”“Yup! Because I love you, Suki!” He says and he gives me a hug.“I love you too.” I say and he gives me a kiss.

There you go @sukkyongwanser! I hope you enjoyed your prizes.

@sukkyongwanser I'm glad you liked it😊
I enjoyed this! Thank you!
Damn, that's love right there...the way he set all that up 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻