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EXO Sci-Fi

As soon as they entered Yin's house, he felt it. He sensed the others near and something else. It was a strange feeling, like something hiding, something wanting to be released. Yin lead Kai into the living room offering him to sit down. Kai sat at the edge of the sofa. “You can relax, Kai, you're safe here.” Yin said sitting down across from him. “Where are the others?” Yin looked at his watch, “They're here, don't worry, you'll be with them soon.” Kai heard a door open and close and someone coming down the hall, then Joon appeared. Him and Kai stared at one another before he let out a smile. He couldn't believe it, Kai turned his head away, not wanting to look at him. Feeling a bit disgusted with them, how they both deceived him, deceived them all. “Hello Kai” Joon said. “Kai, this is my son, Joon.” Yin said Kai jumped up, “What Is this?” Yin stood, he seem to grow with each step he made toward Kai. Kai stumbled back, flopping back onto the couch. Yin's hands reached down, his long spidery fingers wrapping around his shoulders. Yin's body contorted into the monster he'd seen before. Kai's heart pounded, flashbacks to that dream of Lay being taken, flooded his head. The awful feeling of watching Lay being dragged away, overcame him. For a moment, he felt like that little boy. Slicing through his fear, he heard Lay's voice, Lay telling him to run. Kai disappeared. He reappeared behind the Grawl hunter, with the rod pulled out. He slammed it against the wall, it extended out. The hunter whirled around in time to meet Kai's first hit to his temple, making him stumble to the side. The Grawl gazed at the staff. “Nero” The Grawl hunter, whipped around to Joon, “Get downstairs and do what I told you to do!” Joon backed out of the room and ran down the hall.

**** Outside, Nero and the other boys had followed and were watching from outside. Sehun peered through a window but had slipped off the ledge when he seen Yin change shape. Suho patted his shoulder, under his hand he could feel Sehun breathing heavily, his body shaking. “Is that what they look like?” Sehun asked. “We have to get inside!” Xiumin said “Something is happening!“ Baek ran around to the front door but it was locked, he checked along the door frame then he noticed a little window just to the side of the stairs. He jumped down and peered through it. He seen a large room, with tables and wires and computers. He clutched at his shirt, it was all too familiar. Across the room, he could see Chanyeol, Kyung, Chen, and Lay. Then a boy came running in. He looked like he secured the door and then stood in front of them. He raised something and it flashed brightly for a second and all four went limp in their seats. Baek let out a yelp, pounding on the little window. Nero jumped down to where Baek was and peered into the window to see what he was upset about. Nero watched a young man turn around and come slowly to the window. Nero fell back. “That bastard…” Nero said in disbelief, “THAT BASTARD!!!” Nero pushed the boys out of the way, he ran up the steps and started kicking at the door with all his strength. Hollering at the top of his lungs. “YOU BASTARD! I'M GOING TO KILL YOU!” All he heard was someone laughing at him from the other side of the door.

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