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Jung Kiseok had never forgotten the little girl he saw pass by him on the street with the red bow in her hair. She looked so sweet and so innocent, too innocent. She was by far the most beautiful person he'd ever seen in his childhood, second to his mother. This girl was with her parents walking past a candy store he was hanging out in front of. A few of his other friends were going in to get some treats and he was standing outside waiting for them to come in. He'd gotten band from the candy store after walking in, taking a piece of candy out of the box and eating it in front of the owner.

The stupid shit he did on a dare.

When he saw her pass, he stared at her in awe. She walked past him and looked back almost wondering what was the matter with him. He got a grip on himself and waved at her and she blinked and then gave him a small smile and waved back. She was told by her parents to hurry along. Based off her clothes and her parents actions Kiseok knew he may never see her again.

It was a year later he had seen her again, small and in a blue dress with the same red bow in her hair. Even a year older and her beauty to him never changed. She was being harassed by some kids though, she was in the wrong side of town. Kiseok came to her rescue forcing the boys away from her after they started grabbing at her hair and her bow. They had tried to steal her small earrings she said her father gave to her. The more they picked and messed with her the harder she cried. She must've only been nine or ten years old. Kiseok was one boy against three much older ones. He was twelve himself but these kids were probably close to fifteen. He did his best to keep them away from her but he was kicked and punched and beaten down by the kids. She got up and pushed one of the bullies away and when another one came after her, Kiseok took the opportunity to pelt a rock at his head. He got up and grabbed her hand and ran off with her. The boys tried to follow but lucky for them, Kiseok was much faster. He took her to his little hideout. A place his friends and him would hang out and practice their rapping. A few of them were older, in their teenage years and they looked out for Kiseok, Kiseok was a smart kid after all. He had talent and was going somewhere. "What is this place?" She asked drying her tears. "It's just a little hideout. Come on, you just gotta promise not to tell anyone else it's here." He said. She hesitated. "Come on I promise the big kids here won't hurt you, they'll like you. They like it when girls are around." He smiled at her. He couldn't be sure but he actually believed his smile settled her. He brought her in deep to their little warehouse hide out where Ilhoon, his hyung, had found him. "Man look at you Kiseok, what kind of trouble did you get yourself into this time?" He said annoyed. The girl he rescued was standing behind him quiet nervous and clutching his shirt. "It wasn't my fault hyung. This girl was being picked on. Some jerks were pulling her hair and trying to steal her earrings. They made her cry." He defended his actions. He had scratches and bruises everywhere and his stomach was hurting. The side of his eye started to swell a bit from being punched too. Ilhoon looked at Kiseok curiously then he knelt down seeing the girl. Kiseok lifted his arm trying to see her and she shifted to hide herself more. Ilhoon gave her a warm smile and held out his hand gently. "Now come on out, I won't hurt you. It seems this brat here actually did a good deed for once." He smiled warmly at her. "Hey who are you calling a brat!" Kiseok bit. "Shush, it was only a joke. Now come girl, let's see if you're hurt too." He said sweetly to her. She slowly moved from behind Kiseok and grabbed Ilhoon's hand. Ilhoon gently pulled her over to him and her checked her arms and face. Her cheeks were a bit red, Kiseok didn't notice before. "What happened to your cheek sweetheart?" Ilhoon said. "One of the boys slapped me." She said before she started to cry again. Ilhoon sighed, "Idiot kids. It's one thing to pick a fight with boys but to hurt a little girl makes them nothing but scum." Ilhoon said shaking his head in disgust. He stood up and began to pet the top of her head while she cried and Kiseok tried rubbing her back to settle her. "Kiseok since you brought her here you're in charge of her. Go take her over to Jessi she's the one always moving the first aid kit." "Yes Hyung." Kiseok said. Ilhoon bent over and touched her shoulder, "Listen Princess Kiseok is going to take care of you for now. When he's done dressing both your wounds, I'll take you to go call you parents okay. You must've gotten lost right? A pretty girl like you shouldn't be on this side of town." She nodded in silence but there was a look Kiseok noticed on her face. He had that look too when it was time to go home. The look that said he didn't want to go home. Neither did she. Kiseok took her to Jessi and Jessi went to go look for the first aid kit. While she was off trying to remember where she put it this time, Kiseok sat next to her and looked at her face. "You don't want to go home do you?" He said. She shook her head. "Why not, you've got a rich family don't you? You've probably got rubies and pearls lining your pillow case and a large bed that's all warm and comfortable. You've got it made kid, so what's the problem?" She cried a little more and made herself smaller than what she was. "Oh come on don't be like that. You can't tell me you like this place better than your home." "My mom just had a baby. My dad said he likes having a boy. They like the new baby better than me." She said. Kiseok chuckled a little, "Boy do you gotta get out more. New babies need more attention that doesn't mean they love you any less kid. Trust me after the stunt you pulled your parents will be so glad to see you again." He said. "How do you know?" He cocked an eyebrow. "You're right I don't know. After all, they could be happy they lost their kid." He said. She looked away from him and he chuckled, "Hey don't go getting upset at me kid. At least I like having you around. You're kinda pretty." He said. She looked at him with a blank face and just blinked for a moment. "Look don't take it the wrong way Dove, you're pretty and you're a girl that's why I helped you with those kids. You have to realize there's more to life than those big mansion walls your living in. There's the underground like here, then there's worse." "Worse?" She asked. Kiseok nodded, "Worse in other homes, worse in other lives. Worse than a little baby being born. You've got a future ahead of you. Kids like us, well- some of us don't. Some of us are just living off the hope we might make it big. Hope is all we've got." She looked to the ground in silence. "Yo! What's you're name anyway dove?" Kiseok asked. "Its Y/n." She said. Y/n. Pretty name for a pretty girl. Kiseok was good with words and making a rap, talking to women not so much. He knew how to be honest and state facts. His ability to be sensitive was lacking. Jessi came and tended to their injuries and then Ilhoon took her away to go back to her parents. As she left he called after her, "Hey Y/n! Next time we meet I better see a smile on your face." He said as he waved goodbye to her. She waved back but no smile cracked on her face. Perhaps she was still trying to process everything happening.

Kiseok was in Supreme team by the time they had met again. He was in his 20s, youthful but mostly quiet. He struggled to get where he was but his talent knew no bounds. He was a rapper through and through, body, mind and soul. The girl he met when he was just twelve years old, the girl with the red bow in her hair...she'd been on his mind for years. There was one point he slightly gave up trying to find her and settled into a new relationship but when they broke up he was left with her image again. He wondered if the memory was even real sometimes. If he'd actually met her or if he made her up in his head. Back then he was going through a rough patch with his own family, he needed a little beauty in his life. Who would've thought, at a fan meet and greet she'd actually show up? Her friend was a fan of his not her. She had red bow in her hair and when she walked up to him and he held her hand, it was like the memories came folding back as if they happened only yesterday. "Dove?" He said in surprise. He looked at her face harder but she looked at him oddly not recognizing the nickname he'd given her years ago. The longer she stared the more she realized who he was. Her eyes were wide and she pulled her hand back. He stood up and smiled, "Aw come on Y/n don't treat me like that." He said. His heart was racing despite how calm he spoke to her. She was actually standing in front of him. She was real, he didn't make her up in his memory. She was there. "Kiseok oppa." She whispered. "I kind of like the way you say my name dove." He smiled. When he smiled, she shivered. Even that was beautiful to see, his smile could make her shiver. While her friend was freaking out, the security was trying to get her to move along. "No wait. I want her to stay right here. Dove what are you doing tomorrow night?" He said. She looked at him, "Nothing." "Good." He said. He grabbed his pen and asked a fan beside her if he could borrow some paper. He wrote an address and his number down. "Come to this place tomorrow night at eight o'clock alone. When you get there call me, I'll come bring you in." He said. "Why?" "Just come and you'll find out." He said. She walked away with her friend but he called after her, "Y/n! I've been waiting years to see you again. Don't let me down." He said. She looked back at him and nodded a little bit. The smile on his face couldn't be wiped off.

The next night had come and Kiseok waited patiently at the studio for her to call him. It was past eight. Only five minutes, she could've been late but she also probably decided not to go. Damn, he should've gotten her number. He headed out of the studio only to see her standing in front of the building looking up with a blank expression. She had a blue choker on and she was in a short brown dress. Her hair bow was blue as well. She couldn't have looked any more beautiful. "You didn't call." He said. "I didn't want to come. My friend made me." She said. "You didn't want to come see the guy that saved your butt all those years ago?" He grinned. "By the end of it you needed saving too." She said. He laughed, "I get points for trying don't I?" He asked. She nodded, "Yeah I guess. What do you want with me anyway?" He sighed and walked over to her and grabbed her hand. "I'd think that would be obvious even for you. Let's go make some memories dove." He grinned. He held her hand and pulled her along to walk her down the side walk.
As they walked down the sidewalk, the city lights lit their path. Kiseok did a lot more talking than she did though he tried to get her to say something. It was because he was holding her hand. She kept looking down at their hands nervously. Her face was turning red and he found her so cute. "Y/n what do you do for a living?" "I'm going to school for business management." She answered. "Wow. I didn't think you'd want to do something like that." He said impressed. "I don't. My parents want me to." She said. "Well what do you want to do?" "I don't know. I've never thought about it. I've only thought about what they wanted." "Y/n there's an entire world out there for you to explore. If you don't want to do business management then go find your bliss? Why listen to them?" "You told me there was worse in life. People had it worse and that my parents probably loved me just as much as my brother. I thought you were right, I thought maybe I was just being selfish. I thought you were right, that I should be grateful for what I have. I was right Kiseok. They liked him better most of my life has been trying to please them enough to love me just the same." "Look I'm sorry about what I said back then. I can't control my mouth sometimes. I really liked you back then. I thought you were cute I just didn't really know how to make you feel better or to even tell you I like you. Don't take everything I say to heart, sometimes it's just the rantings of an idiot." He said. "You're telling me something now aren't you?" "Yeah kind of. It should be obvious to you though." "You still like me and you still have no idea how to talk to women." She said plainly. He grinned but nodded. She looked up at the sky and sighed. "I don't know what to do. My parents might be disappointed." She said. "What's important is how you feel Y/n. Let loose for once. Do something for you. Go beyond what's expected of you. Defy them, explore the world, go beyond your gated home." He said. "Gates are safe." She countered. "That depends. Gates can be used to keep things out or... keep you in. So what's it going to be Dove? You ready to get out of the cage and explore?" He said. She seemed nervous, it really was a huge step for her to be and do something for her and not her parents. "Then show me your side of the world Kiseok oppa." He smiled and pulled her into his arms, "Gladly."

All the memories of their most precious times came back to Kiseok while he sat on the couch. The day he first saw her. The day he tried to save her. The moment they met again after so many years of silence. The night he took her out on the town, he showered her the crappy places he ate before he was making money and she found their food better than her gourmet food. He taught her how to shoot the carnival guns at the carnival he took her too. He took her on the Ferris wheel, he took her out shopping and he got to take her on tour. He remembered the night she got kicked out of the house because her parents disapproved of their relationship but she wouldn't give him up. The night she couldn't figure out how she'd pay for college. He remembered the day she got her first interview on her own and she was so excited about the job she called him in the middle of rehearsals to tell him. He remembered catching her dancing in the studio with another dancer, she was learning the steps to one of their songs. He watched her in silence as she happily moved around to the beat of the music. He remembered the moment he first kissed her, on their second date, right at dinner. He stood up and walked over to her and slowly pressed his lips against hers until her lips parted and invited his tongue in. He remembered the night he proposed to her and how happy she was. He remembered how she cried her happiness. He remembered the relief he felt hearing her yes. He remembered the best part of the wedding, watching her walk down the isle with Ilhoon because her father refused to come. He remembered her standing in front of him while he said his vows and she said hers. He remembered the sound of her voice when she said, "I do." He remembered the night he first made love to her: their wedding night, he took her slow and smooth. He remembered every cry and moan she made, more delicious than the times after because they were her first moans of pleasure granted by him. He remembered when she told him she was pregnant and the odd mix of happiness and fear of being a father. He remembered her being there beside him when he left Supreme team and how she supported him going to AOMG. He remembered the birth of their son and two years later their daughter. He sat on the couch with a picture of them when they were young, almost ten years ago. He could tell how her smile changed; he could tell how she changed. She was his whole life. From day one, the moment he saw her he knew he had to have this girl and now she was his wife and the mother of his children. What could he give her? What was there to give her that would properly express just how much he loved her and how happy he was to have her in his life? There wasn't enough languages to say I love you and there weren't enough ways to show appreciation. "Ji ji come pick up your toys in the living room." She called as she walked into the room with their youngest in her arms. Their dog, a Cocker Spaniel, jumped up on the couch next to him. "Lady get down from there please." She said. Lady jumped down and came to Kiseok's feet. Y/n came and sat next to him while the baby was breastfeeding. "She's been fussy all morning, I finally got her to settle down." She said. Kiseok wrapped his arm around her shoulder and said, "Y/n I love you." She smiled and said, "I love you too." "I want to do so much for you and the kids. I want to give you everything, I just don't know where to begin." "Start with a kiss." She chuckled. He smiled and kissed her lips softly. "Appa!" Jihoon said. Their son stood before them with his toys in hand pointing at him and Y/n laughed. "Come here little man." He said. Jihoon came over and he lifted him onto his lap. Kiseok looked at Y/n and said, "Let's renew our vows." "What?" She smiled. "Let's do it. Let's renew our vows and take a second Honeymoon. This time your father will walk you down the isle." "I doubt it." "I can promise it. I've already talked to him. He regrets missing the first." "Wait you talked to daddy?" She asked. He nodded. "Jihoon do you want to give eomma the dinosaur?" He said. Jihoon nodded and reached over to hand his dinosaur to Y/n. She grabbed it with one hand and Kiseok unzipped the back of it for her. "Look inside." he said.
She looked inside and smiled big. "Lady and the tramp." She said. "Your favorite movie. I upgraded your engagement ring. " he said. "What's this all about Kiseok?" She smiled. "We're growing up jagi. We're just about ten years older and almost ten years happier. With each year, I try to prove how much more I love you. The more we change so will our vows. I love you so much, too much. Going on tour without you, is actual hell. You're my everything and I just want to keep showing that so you never forget it. I can never forget how I fell head over heels in love with the little girl that had the pretty red bow in her hair." She leaned over and kissed him softly but then had to pull back when their daughter began to cry...
Alright this was for CEO Simon D my Sweet lover and the lollipop monster. Honestly It's been forever since I watched lady and the tramp but some parts came from the movie most of it was altered though. ~Babydollbre

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