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Kooki Smut Time. lol his took me the longest, cuz I still think of him as young and innocent and the things he's doing, aren't innocent lol. (sorry in advance story line is cut short)

How the hell did I get a lesson with him as my teacher! A one on one lesson with him, my heart would not be able to take it! I entered the room to see that he was already there, he was already practicing. I stood in the doorway as he worked for a few minutes. He was doing one of his dances. I couldn't help watch his body move as he slide forward towards the mirrors on his knees then moved so he was on his back and thrusting in the air twice. The way he moved when he stood up from that position, it amazed me. When he did a turn he must have seen me there because he slowed down in his dance coming to an end. "You must be U/N" he said grinning at me. "Hello Jungkook" I bowed my head in getting. "Heh, you can call me kooki, every one does" he comment. "So your the dancer that won  lessons from me" he said coming towards me. "Yes" I nodded. "Ive seen you before" he said stopping in front of me. "Your one of those extra dancers at the company aren't you" he said. I was shocked he knew that. "Uh yes, I've worked there for a while. I didn't know you paid attention to others" I said. He tilted his head confused. "I mean the extras as the company. We tend to not get in the way" I added. "Oh yea, well some of you are really good. I pay attention to the good ones" he said winking. "Alright let's get this started. You ready?" He asked. "Yes, Let me just set my stuff down." I said. He pointed to a corner and I nodded. I set my bag down and then took my sweater off so I wouldn't get hot. Our first lesson he watched me and corrected things I was doing wrong. We had a weeks worth of lessons. By the end of the week, I could do an entire choreography that he made for me. I was proud of myself that I could do it all the way through, no problem. The last day if our lesson kooki had been impressed with how fast of a learner I was. "It was fun working with you" kooki said at the end of the last lesson. "I had a lot of fun! Your a really good teacher" I told him. "Heh thanks. I try my best" he said rubbing his neck. "I hope to see you around sometime" I said at the doorway. "You act like you won't see me again" he said. "Oh no I will, I doubt you'll see me around though" I shrugged. "Why not? We can get together still" he said. He pulled my phone out of my hand and messed around with it for a minute. "You have my private phone number" he grinned as his phone rang "and I have yours" he added making me laugh. "Well I guess you do" I chuckled  "You want yo go out for coffee now? Or food? I know a really good BBQ place close by" he suggested. "I would really like that" I smiled. I didn't expect it. He moved closer and kissed me. It was just a peck on the lips, but then he tried again. He leaned into the kiss and by mistake our teeth cluncked together. "Ouch" I said pulling away. "I'm sorry. Gah I'm sorry I shouldn't have done that" he said backing away. I giggled. I've been wanting to kiss him all week. With the amount of tension build up between us, it couldn't be helped. "No you should have" I said stepping forward. I took the initiative and pressed my lips to his, I ran my tongue over his lips and in shock they parted. His tongue dabbed out and then our tongues were dancing together. "That was a kiss" I breathed out pulling away. Kooki wrapped his arm around my back and pulled me back against him.  He was a quick learner too. His kiss was intense now and I could feel his entire body pressed against mine. His ridged body relaxed against mine as he melted. He turned me around and pressed me against the door, pinning me there. His mouth trailed away from my mouth and down my neck to my collarbone. I was just in a t shirt, he pulled back from me enough to pull my shirt up above me and off leaving me in my sports bra. His mouths went back to sucking and licking my collarbone and my head tilted back to rest on the door. His hands delved down my back and to my butt, squeezing. "Do you know how many times I stared at your ass and imagined it in the palm of my hands" he mumbled. "Hmm bout as much as I wanted to touch your ass I moaned as I wrapped my arms around his waist. My hands roamed under his shirt and pressed against his bare skin. One minute he was pressed against me, the next he was pulling away and taking his shirt off. Reaching behind me he locked the door and turned the lights off. "Just in case" he whispered into my ear making me shiver at the sound of his voice. In the dark there was only a light in the far corner on which gave very little light. I shimmied off my pants as he did too and the he was back touching me. His hands roaming down my body, cupping my spandex covered breasts his hands roamed down my sides to my hips. "Do you want this" he asked as he lightly thrusted his groin into me. I could feel how big he was against me and tingles started in my core. "Yes" I moaned out. " I want you to dance for me" he breathed into my ear. A shiver went up my spine. "Dance?" I said. He took a step back from me, then another. He moved towards the desk that held a stero, he turned it on to the last song that was played, the one he was showing me the dance to. "You really want me to?" I questioned. "Yes" he hissed out. "Your a freaking tease boy!" I exclaimed, almost laughing. I could make out his gaze in the dim lighting. It was a steamy look. My core twitched making me nod. I could do it in my underwear, sure, no problem. I moved closer to him and started the dance from the chorus part  My hips swayed to the music and my hands moved to what he showed me. A grin came across his face when I leaned forward and into him. His hands were all of a sudden touching my skin. "God do you know what this does to me, seeing you have naked and rubbing against me" he groaned as he thrust his hips. Leaving off the dance I wrapped my hand around his neck and pulled at his hair, those soft locks gripped in my fingers. I pulled his head back and leaned forward to lick his collarbone, oh he had the sexieat body! He stepped back but he was leaning against the desk so ended up leaning back into it. "I want to like you like a freaking lolipop kooki" I moaned into his ear. "I'm not stopping you" he groaned. Tingles went to my core at the things I wanted to do to him. "U/N. Do whatever -" his words were cut off with a groan as I bit his earlobe and sucked. My hands pushed down his boxers and I gripped his cock I stroked him as I nibbled on his ear and breathed heavily into his ear. His hands gripped my ass, nails digging into my cheeks. The pain had actually been enjoyable. I felt a drip of cum on my hand and looked down. He was so close. I left his ear and went to my knees to lick at his cock. His hand went to the back of my head as he guided himself in and out of my mouth. Before he was about to come he pulled my hair further back yanking my mouth away from him. "Get on the desk, spread your legs for me U/N" kooki growled. I did as he asked and he knelt in front of me. His fingers slid up and down my slit, I moaned as I felt his fingers inside me, first one finger and then a second. he rolled his fingers inside of me, he played with me  until he had hooked his fingers and hit my g spot. My hips lifted of the desk making him dig deeper. His eyes widened as he looked up at me realizing what he just did. A mischievous look came across his face as he started thrusting his fingers into that spot over and over again. The spasms happened so fast and then I felt his tongue licking me out. He came up and pressed his body against mine, my legs wrapped around him and locked my ankles behind his back. My hands went to his chest and roamed over a his abs. "Can I enter you" he made it almost like it was a question, even as he slide himself against my slit. "Yes, yes kooki" I said as I pushed up off the desk and right onto him. He supported me as he put his hands on my ass but when he started to thrust, slow at first, when he picked up his paced he set me back down. I held onto his neck as he groaned and I moaned. Kooki was slow close, I was so close, when I came he restrained himself as he pulled out of my and came against my belly. I chuckled as my Body began to relax. I was still on the desk but when I unhooked my legs, kooki fell to his knees. I was spent. "One more thing" kooki said. "While I'm right here" I heard him chuckle. His hands were on my hips and then I felt his soft tongue caress my slit. He sucked on my lips, like he was freching my pussy. Little spasms came right back up. He cleaned me up with his tongue. When he was done he laid down on the ground. "A weeks worth of pent up frustration" kooki chuckled making me chuckle. "Hmm you weren't alone on that one" I chuckled too.


I will say I'm a happy Sarah....like yay hello kookie...take me!!! lol ok ok now hmmm.. who's left....Jhope...and...Yoongi....hmm who who I want...Jhope....sorry I've got enough of Yoongi smut from you in coffee break lol
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Haha I agree @JaxomB but that's why I want to see what she comes up with
No, no, no.....not my innocent bunny. I just can't.
lol I know. I had a hard time writing this one cuz he my baby boy, I can't think of him that way, 😭😦 but I doing all the boys and I couldn't leave kooki out.
I can't look at Kookie anymore!!!!
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