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Hello Beauty! It's Melissa with Junhyung Day. I'm helping out to support Junhyung. This week's theme is hidden talents. As we know, Junhyung is known to be the main Rapper of Beast. But dud you know he can sing too? You might be asking what's the difference? The difference is Junhyung is known for his rapping, so I consider his singing as a hidden talent.
Cube Entertainment's Yong Jun Hyung, the main rapper of BEAST, showcases his vocal skills and songwriting ability on the EP Flower. Flower is the first solo EP release for Yong Jun Hyung who had previously displayed his solo vocal talent with the 2012 single Living Without You. Perhaps it is due to his songwriting ability, but Yong Jun Hyung has been successful in stepping outside of the box that many K-Pop rappers fall into. Like artists who are considered the visual of the group, the main responsibility of the rapper is often to spit a few rhymes while the vocalists deliver the featured vocals. Yong Jun Hyung has been able to escape the K-Pop pitfall of the rapper to become one of the most sought after artists for collaborations and for songwriting skills.
credited source: Kpop Stars
Junhyung 'Flower' live performance video. It was amazing how he can rap and sing in a nice easy flow of the song.
Well thats all for Junhyung Day. I hope you enjoyed it. Do you agree about Junhyung's hidden talent? Can you think of another one?
Thanks for covering this!
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