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We are back at the scene where Kim Tan asks Eunsang if she’d like to goto KT’s home. Es: Is your home safer than this place? KT: I’m not sure if it’s safer, but it's better than this place. Well, do you want to go? Arriving at KT’s gorgeous home. EY is amazed by the scale of the house.. EY: Do you live by yourself? Do you do drugs? The cops know you, there must be a reason. KT: Why do you think all I sell is drugs? Do you still have two kidney? KT gets close to ES and then opens the door behind her. KT: This is your room, call me if you need anything. ES sneaks out of her room in search of food. Finds herself fridge loaded with food. KT turns on the light, catching her secretly trying to eat outdated food. Scolds her on the way out. Scene changes back to Empire Group Company Kim won runs into his stepmother eaves dropping on his mother and father. After driving her away, Kim Won comes face to face with his father. Father asks Kim Won: You are going to the US on a business trip, take your brother Kim Tan with you. Kim Won: This is my business, I can take care of it Father: This company is not yours to keep in the future, take him with you. After listening on ES lying to her mom that she is currently with her sister. KT makes ES a sandwich. ES gives KT the dreamcatcher as a payment, telling him that dreams will come through it. KT puts the dreamcatcher by his front door. Morning sun rises. We see ES taking a walk around KT’s front yard. KT and ES’ eyes match, they gaze at each other for long period of time. When ES tells KT that she should head back to her sister’s home, KT offers to give ES a ride to his school instead. ES and KT goes back to Stella's café. They learned that Stella quit work, leaving a message promising to contact ES later. When they leave, they run into Stella’s boyfriend, who says “where that Bi@$@, she took all my money”. Feeling threatened, KT knocks him down so that ES and KT could run away. In the middle of the chase, KT receives call from Yura. Tells ES that it’s his drug dealer, and hangs up. The scene changes to Yura’s home, where she has been trying to reach out to reach KT. When the phone call finally returns, it turns out to be her mother. ES gets KT coffee. ES asks if KT sold all his drugs, KT turns around, clearing throat. ES suddenly remembers a friend that could help her. Asks KT for his phone to leave a message on that friend's *coughfacebook*. KT constantly ask whether ES and the mystery boy are in relationship, with ES denying. KT drops ES off at an airline agency.. KT finally learns of ES’ and looks through all of her Facebook posts. While looking through them, the police officer returns Es’ passport back to KT. ES returns to KT’s house and runs into Yura. Yura identifies herself as KT’s fiancé. Yura pushes ES’ luggage down the stair and breaks it. Telling her to get out of KT’s home immediately. ES gets to the airline agency, finds out that she had forgotten about her passport. Yura and KT gets into argument regarding ES. KT tells Yura that he decided to get engaged with Yura so that they won’t have to get married. Yura tells ES that she threw away KT’s passport. Forcing ES to look through them. When KT confronts Yura about it, she denies seeing passport, just wanted to get ES out of sight. ES is looking through the trash bins, while crying. KT asks why she is crying. Es says, “there’s been too many twist and turns in my life” while sobbing. KT gives her the passport. Right after KT gives ES her passport, Stella’s ex-boyfriend and crew shows up, chasing after ES and KT. ES and KT hides within a movie theater. After translating the scenes from movies for ES, KT asks, “Hey, do you like me?” Episode 2: End. ---I’ll work toward refining this recap (I know I missed couple of Yongdo’s scene, I’ll add them later!! >.< ---
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