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안녕하세요 친구!!

Welcome my lovely BTS 아미 and soon to be BTS 아미.
This will be a special 2 in 1 for last week and this week themes. Hopefully this works...ugh but anyways blah blah.
-All hypothetical if there were no actual time or length of time.
So where would I take this lovely sunshine on vacation? home country!!!
I mean look at him, he's already dressed for the weather in PR.
So why you ask? Well as a previous card I made of Hobi...his ideal date is:
"I love the sea, I would like to walk down to the beach and be holding hands with her."
What better place than an island with beach all around for miles? But before heading to the beach I'll take him to my pueblo to show him where I'm from and then cook for him some amazing traditional dishes, drinks (natural juices) get some vitamin D, maybe even go surfing and enjoy everything PR has to offer.
So after a very long trip, first thing I'll probably do is cook for him at my casa. Hopefully he would enjoy the traditional foods and the view. **all pictures are mine, I cooked this**
Tostón Julian de pollo (Fried plantain w/ chicken)
Mofongo....seriously you haven't experienced PR if you haven't had this already....(may not look exactly like this lol)
Pastel...another very PR food only eaten on special occasions.
Sopa de guineo & platanos (Soup made on the hottest of hottest days and I have no idea why)
Hobi seems to be enjoying the food lol.
And later he can enjoy the many views from my 집.
The view from the side of my house. (**all pictures are mine**)
View from the front of my house.
I guess he's loving the view and all the food jaja.

Later I'll drive him down south to visit my great grandma/aunt's house bc she also cooks amazing and her view from the backyard is absolutely breath-taking *pic is mine*.
This is seriously her view from the far end of her backyard (beautiful but dangerous to get to)
Hobi doesn't seem to mind it though, he's ready to jump in.
After he's fed by my great grandma/aunt
I'll take him to my best friend's house which they converted into a restaurant and surf place and relax into the sea and sun.
The actual view of her backyard/restaurant. (*pic is mine*)
Hobi is excited and that makes me happy.
Selca time.
Hobi is set to surf away. Just make sure to stay nearby oppa lol.
I will teach Hobi our Latin dances and would enjoy seeing and practicing with him the mad moves.
Lol these latin moves I'm not too familiar but he sure will have me cracking up laughing during our vacation.
Before turning in for the night, we will watch the sun set on the amazing scenery.

Concluding our nights, he will greet me and the lovely world with his beautiful bare face. ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡
As a wrap up, here's a collection of his selcas from our vacation:
Hope ypu all enjoyed this lengthy vacation and selca card. Let me know what you thought....
See you lovely 아미 every Friday and special occasions ...omo.

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wow! amazing card! I would love to vacation in PR one day 😊
Love it! I want to go too! I'm bring Joonie so I don't become a third wheel. 💞