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Vingle Community Guidelines

We are very proud to house one of the world's most mature and caring online communities, where freedom to safely express one's passion is not only protected but encouraged by all members.
Due to the maturity and commitment of its community, Vingle only needs a minimal number of restrictions. In cases of abusive behavior, however, Vingle reserves the right to intervene in a more direct manner such as sending warnings, suspending and/or terminating accounts for the sake of all Communities.
There, however, isn't any reason to worry. You're not in danger of any of this as long as you consider your fellow Vinglers' experiences. The following are examples of such abusive behavior.

Freedom of Expression

All Vinglers have the right to freely express themselves on Vingle. Vingle does not either involve itself in user discussions, nor does it limit the scope of topics. Vingle may, however, intervene if anyone's freedom of expression infringes upon other Vinglers' right to an enjoyable Vingle experience. This includes but is not limited to all threats of violence, slander, bigotry, porn, spam, and/or commercials. These apply to all forms of content created and uploaded within Vingle, including but not limited to cards, collection covers, comments, images, and videos.
If you believe a card is placed in the incorrect community, it can be reported for irrelevancy.


Violent content is not only limited to content that spreads enmity and/or hostility towards others on the basis of race, religion, gender, age, sexual orientation, and/or disability, but also content that in any way negatively affects others' Vingle experience due to its violent nature.


If you use Vingle for commercial purposes in a way that negatively affects the experience of Vinglers, it will be regarded as spam. While enterprises are allowed to improve their brand’s awareness within Vingle, repeatedly spreading commercial links will be considered a detriment to the community. Please consider whether your target audience will enjoy consuming your content within Vingle.


Vingle has adopted the following policy toward copyright infringement on the Services in accordance with Digital Millennium Copyright Act (
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Interesting. I'll follow the rules.. I love it here!! :)
@VingleEnglish, there should be something in your terms and conditions regarding porn-like collections. what does scantily clad women showing their derrieres, boobs practically out, and in provocative poses have to do with Health and Beauty?I find it offensive and in bad should be taken down.NO to Sexy, Hot Japanese, Korean or Asian Girls.
@IsaacMarch You can request a new community here -->
how do you make japanese flashcards? I'm ready to start my japanese. and does this work without wifi?