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Hello Vinglers, We are excited to announce the First Class of Vingle Editors (! As previously outlined, the Editors will promote the growth of the Interest Community that they and their fellow Vinglers love. From October 10th to December 31st (Tuesday), 2013, Editors will bear a plethora of responsibility so we ask all Vinglers to extend their gratitude and aid to the Editors of their Interests. As we look to consistently improve the Interest Editor system, we urge Vinglers to feel free to give us feedback and suggestions for future improvements. ( The First Class of Vingle Editors: Cars ( @MereChrisKang Did You Know? ( @delmontequality Fashion for Men ( @StyleisKING Food ( @AlohaJPark Funny ( @Balishag Gadgets ( @bitbybit Graphic Design ( @31flavors Health & Fitness ( @WindyCityTale Hollywood Stars ( @Coolestx133 IT ( @Bumble Japanese Anime ( @justmellys K-Dramas ( @evelynmendoza14 KPOP ( @2nell Manga ( @BoredEmily Movies ( @Toroboro Music ( @ChickenNRice NBA ( @RocketHakeem News ( @Heisenberg NFL ( @danteL Photography ( @YinofYang Travel ( @math8t Video Gaming ( @get2dachoppa
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Congrats team!!
@YinofYang I knew that you would get one. :) I appreciate your hardworking. :)
Vingle I really like, I feel that now these most updated, but single thing I like to include the paint product, all I really like Vingle, congratulations are doing a good job.
@popcoco98 Thanks so much, you totally made my day. Also, it's nice to see you on Vingle again. :)
lets do our best!!! >.<