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Me again! XD

Day 1 down, 5 more to go! *cries* lol

If you want to see what I said for the first day click HERE.

Okay, let's see what Day 2 is, shall w

Day 2: 10 reasons you love Cnblue!

Oh heavens this is gonna be crazy lol

Hmm...let's see...


1. They are all so adorable

Like I would want to be all of their friends. They just seem so fun and loving T-T

2. They are different from other bands

Most Kpop bands are all about the dancing and singing while CNBlue brings us their talent with instruments to add on to the already great singing they have. It's one of the reasons why I love Royal Pirates and Day6 so much as well!

3. Their music is the shiz

I don't understand why they are still underrated!
I mean, their music is catchy and SO GOOD. But I guess more people like the crazy poppy kind of stuff...lol

4. They are absolute dorks

When they went on Weekly Idol and they did this skit to dance to popular girl songs in order, they were hilarious! They had to keep scolding Yonghwa for being so dirty lmaoo

5. They are all so good-looking

This is an obvious one, of course. I mean, I would literally marry any one of them. Especially Jonghyun... *drools*

6. They are also amazing actors!

I first found CNBlue because of Yonghwa after watching him in You're Beautiful. And now Jungshin is in a crap ton of stuff. and Minhyuk has been in some things, and same with Jonghyun... I really want to go and watch everything they have been in (which is a long list lol)!

7. They love eachother

If you couldn't tell, they get along pretty well! Of course they probably fight and stuff like all other bands but you can tell that they are real friends and they just love to have fun and mess with one another!

8. Uhhh...Jungshin's long hair?

lmaoo...I am running out of ideas but really...I love Jungshin's long hair!
All I gotta say.

9. Variety shows

Especially Yonghwa in Running man, they all seem to have a blast. Some of them are a little awkward at first but after warming up they are crazy XD

10. That they haven't stopped yet!

I know there is news of them not renewing their contract but I really hope they continue! I just need them to get more rest and live a little first but then I want them to continue to love us Boices and keep giving us great music. I will ALWAYS support them!


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I miss Jungshin's long hair, they all looked so good with long hair tho