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Who: Reader x Sun Ju Kyung What: Smutmance (what you get when Smut and romance have a baby) Story: You never thought you'd agree to something like this. His interests are unconventional but you're willing to taste this life he likes...

Y/n's POV This was the last night before you and Ju Kyung flew out to New York. He'd taken you to the club every night since the deal was made for you to practice with Catlynn. You two did a little more than practice though. She seemed to enjoy playing with you and your body and you didn't mind it so much yourself. Ju Kyung would bring you to the red room first when you showed up. He'd get his thirty minutes of punishment out of the way. He found ways to make the pain more. He tried using the fucking machine on you but you called the safe word before he could. He was disappointed in not being able to use it but your body and your mind was no where near ready for that. He had you locked down in one of those old tools people in England would've used for public humiliation. The ones where your hands and neck were locked down between two pieces of wood. God the neck problems you had because of that. He gave you a massage later on that night though. He did his best to stay away from your neck as well, which helped you relax more around him. He could easily lose focus and you had no idea why, you were waiting for a perfect moment to ask him. Two days ago when he brought you back to his place, after the club, he had you in your white bunny suit. He didn't initiate anything sexual when he brought you back. Either he was tired or he figured you had enough. He had you play with a small ball and hop around a little. You were supposed to be cute. He loved seeing you shake your butt so he could watch the cotton tail move. After letting you play, he had you sit beside him and your head rested on his chest. You felt calm against his body. Your finger made circles on his chest while you two sat and watched a movie on TV. He had his arm around you and it felt almost....normal. Like you two were a couple, some part of that made you uneasy. You looked up at as his face feeling your heart twist in ways you didn't recognize. So you laid back down on his chest and watched the movie. You just happened to say, "Master, will I ever learn your secrets?" He looked down at you for a moment and blinked. He sighed and brought your face close to his chest so he could kiss your forehead and then the tip of your nose. "Be silent for now my sweet bunny." Was his response. What he was hiding from you he wasn't ready to share yet. You weren't going to force it out of him either... Today you were already finished with being punished by him and you were alone with Catlynn. You had already become accustomed to being left alone with her so there was no uneasiness now. Your mind had been wandering most of the practice though. You missed a few steps and she'd already placed clothes pins on your body. Red marks lingered where they were originally pinching your skin. You were now pressed against the wall with her behind you worshipping your ass. She figured giving you a little play time would get you to focus. She had stripped you of your body suit already and her hand was roaming your butt. "No wonder he loves this cute little butt of yours. It's so round and firm but not too big. Just good enough to eat." She purred. She smacked your ass on the right making you cry out in pleasure. She hummed in approval and slapped the same spot again a little harder. You came up a bit but she grabbed your hips and pulled your butt back out. She had a strap on and she was rubbing against your ass slowly. "I've already made you cum twice let's see if I can get one more." She said in your ear. You felt her come to your entrance and push in hard. You moaned loudly against the wall. She grabbed your hands and placed them on either side of your butt. She grabbed your waist and started fucking you hard. Her moans were mixed in with yours like an erotic song. "Come for me Velvet." She said between thrusts. Each time you reached your climax the next one would come harder and faster. She was moving quick against you; her hand came down to grip your ass and she made her next few thrusts hard and powerful. She slammed into you and you could hear her chuckle in your ear then she slammed into you again and you heard her purr. She enjoyed playing with you especially when she went hard on your g-spot. You screamed through your last orgasm and your body shivered while you came down. You could hear her giggle as she came away from your body. "Tell me something Velvet, the relationship between you and Ju Kyung what's it like?" She asked. You had slid down to sit because your legs were exhausted. Your head leaned against the wall and your eyes closed for a second. "It's just sex. It's Master and pet." You answered. "Do you love him?" "Ha! I don't believe in shit like that." You said with disdain. "Ooo the bunny has a naughty mouth." She smirked. "Mianhae. Anyway I'm not sure I would even know if I were in love with him or not. I've never been in love before." "I heard he won't kiss Queen any more because you get upset. Queen knows you don't like it when she touches him." You shrugged. Actually you did hate it when Queen touched him. You had no idea he was actually rejecting her even when you weren't around. That kind of made you feel good. "Get up Velvet, time for you to focus." She said. You went back to practicing once you got cleaned up and put your suit back on. A few hours passed by and Ju Kyung's usual knock came to the door. He walked in seeing Catlynn giving you a final praise kiss before she started placing her things in the sanitary bucket. "You two must've had fun." He said. "She wasn't very focused today. Perhaps her emotions are getting the best of her. You should give her sometime off. Just you and your little bunny." She smiled. "For your information Catlynn, we're going to New York this weekend." "Fancy, bring me back some pizza." She joked. He shook his head but held his hand out to you. You grabbed onto it and he helped you up before he slipped his hand around your waist. He looked down at you and smiled. "Let's go. We leave early tomorrow." He said. You nodded and headed to the door with him. "Good bye little bunny." Catlynn cooed. You looked back at her and waved with a smile. Ju Kyung looked down at you with a smile, "Finally we found someone you like." He said. "I thought you said I like Hyunsu's girls." He smiled but didn't retort. He took you back to his place. It seemed you were starting to see here as your home now. You spent too many nights over here and you had to sneak your luggage into his place because he didn't want it looking like you two were dating. What a stupid notion that you would ever grow feelings for Ju Kyung. Still there was an unfamiliar attachment you had to him. You liked sleeping with him but it was a stir in your body that had you confused. When he looked you in the eyes, when he smiled at you, when he tried to be sweet and gentle, for some reason you always got this feeling to pull closer to him. Every part of you wanted to pull away. Your mind would flash back to Taehyun. You didn't know why because Taehyun and Ju Kyung weren't alike. Ju Kyung had moments where he was softer than his business manner. He was happy and laughing. He was content with just having you around and resting against him. He liked to talk to you. With Taehyun, you belonged to him until he said other wise. He had no soft moment, he just liked to hurt you. He pushed you around and beat you or he'd have sex with you. The sex was always something you gave into, you were never really forced but the fear of refusing him did live inside you. You didn't know why Taehyun was coming back in your mind but when he asked about him, when Ju Kyung said he deserved worse, you feared what Ju Kyung's worst actually meant. You cared for Ju Kyung as a friend and you couldn't risk your personal fuck ups reflecting on his business or personal life. Taehyun would just have to stay in the past where you originally put him. "Mina put your stuff in the other room." Ju Kyung said. You nodded, "Thanks, I think I'll go shower I smell like sex and bondage." He laughed. He had released you from your pet state in the car and you were back to your old sarcastic self. He watched you walk down the hall to the room you were staying in. "Y/n, was it really necessary to get two rooms?" He said before you entered the door.
"Of course, people will think something is up if we stay in the same hotel room." You said. "You're wasting money. It's my job as your owner to take care of you. I don't think you should stay in a hotel room alone. I got a presidential suite." He said. "Well mine is a bit smaller and honestly we're only there for the weekend." "Y/n I had your assistant cancel your room." He said. You turned back to him and sighed. "I'm trying to tell you to stay with me in the hotel room." He said frustrated. "Ju Kyung you sleep with me almost every day. My body needs a rest from all the sexual torture I-" "I won't ask you to be Velvet. I won't ask you to be anyone but yourself. I'll even sleep on the floor if that'll make you more comfortable I just want you in the same room with me." He said. You heard something in his voice, he almost sounded vulnerable. You didn't know Ju Kyung could get vulnerable. Maybe it was just your imagination playing on you. You sighed and nodded at him. "Alright Ju Ju. Alright. I'll stay in the same room as you." You said. He nodded and watched you walk into the other bedroom. You had washed up and brushed your teeth, everything you needed to do before bed and you got your pajamas on. As you lay in bed though, you thought about what he said to you and what he was asking. He wanted you to stay in the same room with him. You sighed, "Am I really that stupid?" You said to yourself. You got out of the bed and walked out of the bedroom and headed over to Ju Kyung's door. Was he asleep by now? You thought about knocking but thought against it. Instead, you tried his door. You slowly turned the knob and quietly pushed the door open. You slipped through the small opening you made for yourself and came into his room. You came up by the bed and saw by the light of his TV that he was asleep in his white wife beater. You slowly pulled the blanket up so you could slip in next to him and the bed shifted to your weight. Ju Kyung quickly rolled over and grabbed you and pulled you down onto the bed. He sat on top of you with his hand to your neck and your hands went up. "Whoa there Gwangju boy." You said. "Y/n? You can't just sneak in here like that, it's dangerous." He said. "You're the one that said you wanted me in the same room." "I meant the hotel." He lied. "Oh okay well then I'll just get up and go-" He wrapped his arms around you when you started to get up to get off the bed. He pulled your body into his own and kissed your shoulder, "No stay." He said. You smirked and you leaned down to lay next to him. He wrapped his arm around you and he laid down beside you. There was something odd about the way he was laying against you. Normally, you rolled over and so would he and you two would sleep. Now he was wrapping his arms around you and keeping close to him. He kissed the back of your neck and held you tighter to him. "You smell good." He mumbled. "You too." You whispered. You two fell asleep just like that...

When you woke up, you had switched positions. Ju Kyung and you were facing each other. Your eyes cracked open to see him looking at your hair. His hand was on your waist like it belonged there and he was just watching you. "What?" You asked catching his attention. He looked down and saw you awake but sleepy. He just stared at you for a moment before he leaned in close to your face and gently pressed his lips to yours. A gentle kiss wasn't what you needed or wanted at the moment. Your hand slipped up to the side of his neck and you pulled him closer to you. His grip on your waist slightly tightened just to hold you firmly and you kissed him deeper. You pulled him onto you lips deeper the longer you two kissed; he flipped over onto his back, having you on top and straddling him. You came off his lips with a small moan and your fingers played down his chest like a piano till you reached the hem of the wife beater he was wearing. You started to pull it up when his phone began to ring. You both looked to his dresser and he reached for his phone. You sighed and got off his lap and sat on your knees next to him in bed. "It's just the alarm. We need to get dressed and head to the airport." He said. He was very business like, which you still hated but he was right. You two couldn't miss your flight. You jumped out of the bed to get ready leaving the room and him behind... Fourteen hours on a first class flight was amazing but jet leg was kicking your ass. You two had very little time to get to your hotel room and arrive at the party on time. Fashionably late was your only option at this point. Your carry on had your make up in it so you decided to make your face a few hours before your expected arrival. You never went all out with make up anyway so you didn't need much this time either. Getting to the hotel was hell too, traffic in New York sucked. It was worse than Seoul. You got dressed in the back of the car that Ju Kyung called to get you two. He zipped you up and then snapped at the driver in Korean and broken English when he kept peaking in his mirror to see you. You found it kind of funny. He decided to get dressed in the hotel and you were able to get your curling iron hooked up and heated in enough to time to do a few lazy curls. You had your hair in a ponytail and quickly curled the ends and when you let it down your hair was curled and done well. Your long black backless dress was accustomed with diamond studs and a rhinestone hair clip that shined just as bright as the diamond on your ears and your neck. Mr. Lee threw big event parties and you couldn't falter even for a second when it came to business deals. Ju Kyung and you rode over to the building where the party was. You were on his arm and you two walked around looking at the huge crowd of rich people. Mostly Americans, nothing knew to you or him for that matter but it was definitely different from any of Jay's parties. You smiled thinking about the company parties he had and invited you both too; he may be a business man but he's was a party boy full time. "Y/n. Good to see you made it." Mr.Lee said. He walked over and gave you a quick hug and then shook hands with Ju Kyung. Ju Kyung's hand was wrapped around your shoulders almost keeping you glued to him. "I would like you to meet Mr. Kim Minjun. He's on my team as well, so look forward to working with him." He smiled. You smiled back and held out your hand to Minjun, which he happily shook in return. "Nice to meet you Ms.Y/N I've heard a lot about you." "Good things I hope." You smiled. "Only the best." Minjun said. "She wouldn't have it any other way." Mr.Lee joked. You chuckled and said, "You know me too well." "Listen, Ms.Y/N perhaps you and Minjun can talk a bit I would like to steal Ju Kyung from you for a moment." "Okay sure. Let's go mingle Minjun." You said turning to him. He offered you his elbow and you took it but Ju Kyung came up to your other ear and said, "He's not to touch you anywhere else." You looked back at him and shooed him away with a hand. He looked at you irritated and you got the feeling his Master side was coming out with his business side. You walked away with Minjun quickly and left Ju Kyung alone with Mr.Lee.... "Ms. Y/n I heard you're quite the wizard at negotiations." Minjun said starting a conversation. "Well that's what I get paid for. Are you trying to imply I've cheated the company?" You smiled. "You said it not me." He smiled. You chuckled, you noticed he was turning more towards you and wrapping his hand around your waist. His other hand came into yours and you realized everyone around you two were dancing so you two would dance as well. You started to move your feet with him and you smiled at him. He had a beautiful face, he looked like the romantic type. He looked like the type you should fall for but never did and probably never would. "Mr.Lee seems to believe he was distracted by your friend and your beauty when then negotiations happened." "Neither one of those things is my fault. Mr.Lee is a business man. A woman's beauty has nothing to do with business, as for Ju Kyung I would've preferred not having him there when we were discussing business. Ju Kyung is a hard person to deal with." You said. That wasn't a lie, you knew this before you were introduced to this side of him. Ju Kyung was playful and stupid mostly around you and the boys. All of you normally were playful around each other, with the exception of Jay because he was a fool twenty four seven. Even as a playful friend though, Ju Kyung was difficult to deal with, if he had an idea it was hard to convince him out of it. You only saw him try and fight a guy once when you guys were at a club. He was drunk and the guy was mouthing off. Cha cha and Jay had to pull him back and you tried to distract him. If memory serves you right, you were just drunk enough to flash him and catch his attention. The action was so quick you were never sure if he ever saw anything but he was definitely distracted after that. Normally, if Ju Kyung wanted to go somewhere and he was set on the idea, Jay and Chase and the others would just give in to him. He didn't rule the group but everyone was just wise enough to know, when his mind was set, getting him to change was like trying to move a building with your bare hands. "How long have you two known each other?" Minjun asked. "Three years now." You answered. "That's a long time to know someone." "There are a few I've known longer." You smiled. His hand wrapped around your waist a little more and he brought you closer to him. You continued smiling and politely said, "Ju Kyung is very protective over me Mr.Kim Minjun. A dance I don't mind but at the risk of offending him perhaps we shouldn't be this close. Perhaps your hand should be set a little higher." "My apologies. I wasn't aware that he was so protective of you. What happens when you're interested in someone or someone is interested in you?" He chuckled. His hand smoothed up your back riding past your scar and your mind pushed the memory away quick. Minjun didn't know about it and his hand didn't linger there but you two were still very close. "I usually hook up when he's not around." He nodded, "Oh I see." "What does Mr.Lee want with Ju Kyung anyway?" You asked. "That I'm unaware of myself but Ju Kyung's business has so many branches just as ours does. It's possible he's looking for an opening to work with him." "While working with my company?" You asked. "Of course the two wouldn't interfere with each other but Mr.Lee has been after Ju Kyung for sometime now. You were the perfect connection to get to him. He's very impressed with Ju Kyung's business management skills and his behavior towards his elders. He can maintain a business manner even in the company of a friend." Minjun explained. "Yeah don't I know." You scoffed. Minjun laughed and you felt his arm wrap around you more so he could dip you. He brought you back up and you two were almost touching noses. "I find Ju Kyung to be an interesting person. I can't quite figure him out." "You're not the only one I assure you." You said. "For a man you've called your friend for three years and you still have no real idea as to who he is, that makes me wonder." He said. You got a little worried, "Wonder what?"
s "What he's hiding." "What makes you think he is?" You said. "He has a past." "Everyone does." "I don't mean to offend but many of us are aware of Mr. Sun Ju Kyung's past. He's a man without fear and a man with nothing to fear is a dangerous man." He said. You stared him in his eyes wondering what he was implying. Ju Kyung had a rough life before he became a CEO of his company but what Minjun was saying was that he couldn't be trusted. Was he saying he still had connections to his past following him and that didn't make him a good business partner right now? He wanted to know what he was hiding, you weren't aware he was hiding anything except for maybe his pet-Master kink but that was for both of you. Hold on, he did say it was for both of your benefits. It protected you both, you assumed he meant image but you weren't meant to speak about it to anyone. Like anyone could be watching and listening. No one but the club could know what he was into, you could only speak to people in the club about your experience but so far he'd kept you very separate from the other pets. Your head was spinning a bit. Was Ju Kyung still connected to things in his past? You shook your head, "You're kidding. Ju Kyung is a CEO he couldn't afford to be a dangerous man. He's just Ju Kyung." "I apologize if I've made you upset Ms. Y/n but it's my job not to trust many." He said. "You investigate business partners don't you?" "Yes I do, your little history as a stripper can be over looked. However, I hope your flirting behavior doesn't continue to influence Mr.Lee. I'd prefer he'd make wise decisions." "You believe twenty five percent was too much? Twenty-five was just slightly over the percentage we needed to be honest but this is a business world Mr. Kim and I will use whatever strategy necessary to see that my business gets what they need. Do not take me for a fool, I have been very fair to your business and what we're doing for your company helps build your profits, asking for a little more isn't a cheat, it's a deal." "I do not believe you cheated Ms.Y/n." He said pulling you in closer. "Then what makes you think his decision was unwise? Do you not trust your own boss? He's led his company quite far and I assure you if anything or anyone were to bring it down it certainly won't be us. Remember we lose in that aspect as well. Furthermore, my past occupations have nothing to do with my current work habit. Perhaps some of my behavior can be perceived as flirting and for that I apologize but I do my best to always remain professional and never mix business with pleasure. You however, seem to be the opposite by the way your hand keeps riding down my back." You said now thoroughly offended. He smiled and said, "I meant no offense Ms.Y/n I only meant to find what your true character was." "Offense was still taken Mr. Minjun and although, I'm not accustomed to being rude to those older than me, I'm also not one to take insults lightly. Please remove your hands from me now." You said. You pulled your other hand out of his but his other hand remained on your waist. "I'm sorry Ms. Y/n in the future I'll be more respectful." He said. "You can start with taking your hands off of her." Your turned to look at Ju Kyung standing beside you with Mr.Lee. His eyes had annoyance all in them but he kept himself contained. "I'm sure he meant no harm Ju Kyung." Mr.Lee said. "That maybe so but his hand is still on her and I want it removed immediately." He said. Minjun was right about one thing, he definitely was a dangerous man. He removed his hand from your waist finally and Ju Kyung grabbed your hand and pulled you over to him. He kept your hand in his as he looked back at Minjun. Minjun held his hands up with a big smile, "I apologize Mr.Sun we were only dancing." "She asked you to let her go. When a lady asks for you to remove your hands, you do it without hesitation." He said upset. "Ju Kyung calm down." You whispered to him. By now you could tell he was fuming with the thought of his hands on you. You should've been more careful. "Mr.Lee if the future business we discussed is
to take place I want you to make sure this man isn't involved." Ju Kyung said. Mr.Lee looked at Minjun then at Ju Kyung. He nodded, "Kim Minjun will only be assigned to Ms.Y/N's field." Mr.Lee said. "I'll be on my best behavior I promise Mr.Sun. Ms.Y/n I apologize again, next time we meet I'll will behave properly." He said with a smile. "Next time you two meet you'll keep your hands to yourself." Ju Kyung said. "Ju Kyung calm down." You whispered again. He really couldn't. He was bottling it up but it was seeping through the cracks. You didn't really like this Minjun person. He seemed to be looking for a button to push, if he found the right one for you he faced a slap in the face a referral to leave but with Ju Kyung if he found the right button to pushed you feared something much worse. He was looking for that button. He was trying so hard to press it. He wanted to prove Ju Kyung was no one to trust, didn't he? "When does he start working with her?" He asked. "The contract has already been signed he'll be at her office every Monday and Wednesday to discuss project plans." Mr.Lee said. Mr.Lee was aware of Ju Kyung's growing anger but his business manner didn't falter either. He was just being careful at this point. "Don't touch her again. Not even a handshake." He warned. "Ju Kyung stop it, it wasn't that bad." You said. He gripped your hand a little tighter, not so hard that it hurt but enough to hold onto you. "She said you were protective of her." Minjun smiled politely. "Very." He said. Minjun shifted in his stance a little. Ju Kyung looked down at you, "We're going." He said. "You've only just gotten here. Stay a while and enjoy the party." Minjun said. Ju Kyung looked back at Minjun, his eyes cutting like daggers. You quickly spoke up, "As far as business goes, we're done talking Minjun. Enjoy the party how you like. Mr.Lee enjoy the rest of your party I'll be hearing from you by the end of the month." You bowed to Mr.Lee and Minjun. They returned the gesture to you and Ju Kyung when he followed suit. You quickly moved out of the crowd and headed outside. He was still holding your hand but he was silent. He was scary silent. You were too nervous to say anything while you waited for the car to come pick you up. Once you two were in the car his lips crashed over yours, taking claim of you. His hand gripped you where Minjun had been holding you and he pulled you towards him hard. He wasn't giving you time to catch your breath and when you tried to wrap your arms around him he slapped your hands. His hand reached up to grab your ass and he slapped it as hard he could. You yelped and tried to bite your lip to hold the cry in while the sting tried to go away. "I told you he wasn't to touch you any where else." He said. "We were just dancing Ju Kyung calm down." You said softly. "How am I supposed to calm down when that bastard had his hands all over you. He was really trying to test me." He growled. "Ju Kyung listen to me, he does background checks. He is purposely trying to test you; he wants to see what happens when you reach your breaking point." "No he doesn't, Y/n. I'm a monster not even you want to see that side of me." He said. He came down and bit your neck. He kept biting in different places making you gasp, sigh and yelp with each nip his took. "Fuck. I want to cut his hands off." "Ju Kyung calm down." You said softly. "He can't touch you again. He can't, if I had a say no man would ever touch you. Not even Jay or Chase, they wouldn't even hurt you." He said. "Wait stop." You said pushing him up.
He was panting heavy and between turned on an absolutely furious. "That's why you only let girls touch me?" You asked. He sighed then nodded. "I hate when any man touches you because every man you let put their hands on you, you let them hurt you. Even me." He said. "Ju Kyung." You said softly as you touched his face. He lightly grabbed your hand and kissed the palm before he brought it back down. "Are you punishing me because of the men I choose?" You asked.
He looked away from you. He went back to kissing your neck, his tongue glided up and down making you moan a little. His fingers slipped inside you while he kissed your neck. Two fingers pumped in you while you tried to stifle your moans. You held him close to you but he wouldn't give up kissing your neck. You needed the time to breathe anyway. The feeling of his tongue had your heart racing and your face flushed. Your heat tightened around his fingers and in return he pushed a third inside of you. He stretched his fingers, stretching you out and making you cry and moan into his shoulder. "You need to cum before we get to the hotel or I'm going to punish you." He said. You released a hot moan but because you never responded he pulled back and said, "Do you understand Y/n?" You nodded quickly and wrapped your arms around his neck. His other hand was on your back to support you. He didn't care this time that you held onto him. You bit down on his shoulder and rocked your hips, his fingers picked up speed trying to reach deep inside you. You cried on his shoulder and bit him, anything to dull down your moans. The driver hadn't said a word but he was probably trying to watch. "Ju Kyung." You breathed. "Come on Y/n, get there before we pull up." He said. You crashed your lips over his kissing him hard and hungry. You were losing your mind and your toes were starting to curl. He was bringing you closer and closer and you were right on the edge when his fingers stopped. "No, no, no, no." You begged. "We're here." He said. Your body shook with frustration and he smiled, "Calm down Y/n. Don't let anyone know how much your body is aching for me." You clenched your teeth and tried to get your breathing in order. He pushed two of the fingers that were inside of you in your mouth and made you lick them clean which didn't help with your racing heart. You were still in lust with him and you wanted him now. He opened the door and escorted you out. He paid the driver who you noticed was checking you out. Ju Kyung quickly grabbed your hand and pulled you into the hotel and took you the suite. "Take off your dress. I want you naked on the bed." He said. You did as he asked and stripped your dress off and everything else under it. You sat on the bed while he went through his suitcase. He came prepared. He had a small travel size paddle in his hand when he came back up to you. "Hello Velvet." You shivered at his tone. "Hello Master." You said. "Lay back and lift your legs up." He ordered. You laid back and lifted your legs as he said. He moved your hands right under your legs to make you hold them up and he spread your legs wide so you were openly exposed to him. He quickly swiped his tongue up your folds making you moan. "Be good for me Velvet and I'll make you cum. " he said. "Yes Master." "Keep your voice down okay." "Yes master." He hit your inner thigh with the paddle making you sharply inhale. He hit the other thigh and you pressed your lips together to force the sound back. He hit the other thigh harder making you yank your legs up. You whined in your mouth and your legs tensed because of the pain. He hit your other thigh with the same force. You opened your mouth to breathe. "It hurts." you cried. "I know my sweet bunny." He said. He hit your other thigh again much harder and you cried out. He put his hand up to your mouth, "Shhhhh. Just one more and you're done." He said. His hand smoothed away from your lips but he pushed a finger into your mouth. He kept pushing it in and out slowly then led the wet line down your body. He slapped your other thigh hard and you let go of your legs to cover your mouth and the long moan of pain. He kissed your inner thighs back and forth and moved down to your heat. He held your legs up and raised you butt a little while he lapped up your juices. You were breathing heavy, panting and moaning but loving every second of his tongue on you. You covered your mouth when he stuck his tongue in you. Your loud moan was barely muffled as he kept pushing it in and out of you. "Master." You whined. "You can't cum yet bunny. Just wait a little longer." He said. You whined while he kept tasting you. His tongue wiggled around inside of you and your body jerked. You tried to control yourself. "Please, I need to-" you started. He stood up quick and your legs rested on the bed while you whined. He quickly removed his pants and entered you. He lifted your legs and fucked you quick while kissing you hard and lustful. You could taste yourself on him. His tongue was so good, it worked over time in your mouth taking over you completely. "I'm coming!" You announced. He pushed harder into you, raising you up and slamming into your g spot. You screamed your orgasm and he covered it up with a hungry kiss. Your body tensed and jerked, you felt over sensitive while your walls squeezed him harder with each thrust. You mewled while he continued ramming into your body. "You're mine Y/n." He said. You took in a shaky breath. You knew that already. You signed his contract stating you were his. You weren't his girlfriend, he wasn't your boyfriend you were just his. He didn't need to say it. So why did he? He slammed into you one last time and you felt his release while his moans filled the air. You felt him moving in you and filling you up. He came down and kissed you... Ju Kyung's POV After she had taken a shower, she had fallen asleep. He laid in bed next to her and her face was in his hands. He just stared at her sleeping face, so soft and relaxed. She looked at peace. She had no nightmares last night. Tonight was the same. He broke his promise and asked her to be Velvet. He couldn't contain his frustration. He had the need to erase every man that touched her from her body. He wanted no trace left behind but that one scar would remain and he had no idea what made it. It added to his anger. The Devil had marked her. He couldn't help but replay the question she asked in his head. Are you punishing me because of the men I choose? ..... Yes He was.

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