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Bulgogi (Korean BBQ Beef)
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@cheerfulcallie. you're more than welcome to add me back on fb if you want updated dishes that i make daily. ^^
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@mykoreaneats your cover intrigued me, that's why I befriended you and plus, all dishes are very enticing so I was curious to see what else you may have posted...
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actually, i meant unfriend not befriend. lol i can't seem to find you on there anymore. hmmm.
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@mykoreaneats actually I deactivated my FB accnt b/c I'm on it less too but sometimes I still log on to browse around, definitely ill keep that in mind...
4 years ago·Reply
yeah it would be nice to stay connected. i am thinking about somehow integrating all my posts in one spot, maybe just my original blog? ^^ regardless, thank you for the kind words and praise. ^^
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