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Hello Topp Klass! Its Melissa, one of your Topp Dogg mod supporters. I'm happy to announce that the Topp Dogg will be having a Valentine's event called 'Topp Klass Love Letters Contest'
What is a Topp Klass Love Letter Contest? Its a contest where you can write a love letter to a member of Topp Dogg. The letter that is the most creative and moving will be the winner.
Here are the members of Topp Dogg:
P-Goon- Leader
Yano- maknae

We are really excited about our contest. We are looking forward to reading all your love letters.

Now for the rules and guidelines for the contest
The contest starts February 6th and ends February 13th.
We will announce the winner on February 15th
Rules of the contest
1. Its a letter, not a one shot
2. a Valentine theme, so it can be a confession or will you be Mine for Valentine's
3. You can be as creative as you can be with your letter.
4. You can write as many letters you want.
5. Please keep your letters PG or PG-13
6. Please remember to add Topp Klass Mod Squad

and let's have fun with this contest!
Now for the prizes! That's right, there is going to be prizes for the winner.
1. The winner's letter will be featured in Topp Dogg Community Page
2. A card will be dedicated to the winner with their choice of
- Bias Spam
- Bias Wallpapers
- Bias One Shot
- Bias Slideshow video
- Bias planner and Journal desk set (which includes a planner and journal with pens and pencils)

Awesome prizes, right! You can be the lucky winner of these amazing prizes. Good Luck to everyone! We are looking forward to seeing your love letters.
Topp Klass Mod Squad

❦ Topp Klass Bebes ❦

OMG!!! Im so excited!!!
Ooo sounds fun!!!! Looks like finaly get to confess to Hansol!! ♡.♡
@PolarStarr We will looking forward to reading it 😊