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Hello Ms.Jade, my Name is Aimee and I am so happy to announce that after further deliberation at the NCT Matchmaking Headquarters INC, we are excited to announce that we believe that we have found your match. ♡

If you would be so kind to Follow me:
If you would follow me please, I will entail everything you need answers to ♡

I bet all of this anticipation is getting the best of you, in which I must apologize for. I like building up anticipation. I feel it makes things better.

Okay, first things first: from the information you shared in your application I feel, as well as my co-founders, that you are a perfect match for:

♡ Our Very own lovable Taeil ♡

Hopefully this is a suitable match for you, but we feel your personality would match the best with Taeil ♡

~ You are shy when you first meet people, Taeil is too. Whenever he becomes comfortable, he turns into a huge ball of fluffy happiness. This would definitely be a match, cause I feel once he got to know you, you and him would click so much. He would also be the one to keep you talking during get-togethers with his friends ~
~ Since You chose for a Beach Date, I chose a Hi-low Dress suitable for your date. The black Footless Sandals will prevent your favourite pair of shoes getting sand in them ♡

~ As for Taeil, he'd choose a classy yet casual attire. He would still be stylish and you both would compliment each other. ~

~ You two could watch the sunset as you both enjoyed a romantic candel light dinner by the beach. You could talk about your hopes and dreams. ~

~ For Dinner and Dessert, you'd share a platter of a mix of sushi, and share a chocolate type mousse to end the dinner ♡

~ But why settle for a normal movie experience, when he arranged an outdoor cinema just for you two. You could relax and enjoy the movie with him. ♡

I bet you're wondering what your night will end with?

~ You both share a goodnight Kiss as he tells you he'd like to make a second date already. ♡

Hopefully this date is suitable, and you aren't disappointed with the results ♡

The NCT Team

Thank you so much 😊 I am so happy with the results! Thanks for the fun! Best date ever 💕
It's not a problem dear!! It was fun to throw it together ♡
Wow! Now That's a romantic date. 😊
That was so cute and beautiful!
Thank you!
Yass Aimee!!!!