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Pictures are not mine (duh).

This oneshot is a work of fiction for entertainment purposes only, this is not in any way, how BTS' personalities are, as I do not know them on a personal level (also duh). Please enjoy and feel free to comment another idea or shipping or plot line you wish for me to write. Thank you!

Fmv done by xdaegu93x
Disclaimer: this FMV is the inspiration for this fanfic, it is not mine!!!
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now on to the good stuff

Where Are You?

Jimin stared off into the sunset pretending to read his book. Two weeks. . . a month. . . five, time was irrelevant. Yoongi was gone. He was no longer his. Memories of the two of them flashed through his mind.

The man who had been a bit cold and offstand-ish in the beginning of everything had been his everything. He opened himself up whenever he played his melodic songs and his words swept through the air like a crisp breeze. They forced you to listen and actually hear the words. The meanings behind them were pieces of a broken heart that needed to be fixed and gently guided.

Jimin sighed and pulled out his phone, pulling up a video of Yoongi playing his melodies on the instrument that was magic only for his fingers. He placed the video on repeat and got up of the edge of the building and went to the middle, placed his phone down and started to dance.

First, onto his toes, body leaning down then moving up as the keys started to creep up to higher notes. He spread his feet apart and went flat footed, raising his arms up to the sky as if asking God, "Why?" and tears stroked his cheeks.

He imagined himself in rain, water pouring down and dragging him under like a stone in water. Sweeping his body across and jumping into the air, turning all the way around, he landed on his feet then fell to his knees. His hands gripped his hair and his mouth opened as a cry of anguish escaped. He choked back the rest of his tears and hurt then began to spin and as the intensity of Yoongi's playing increased, so did the spin of Jimin's turns. Round and round he went, arms out then in, over and over. The beating of his heart went rapidly. And with a bang the finished and Jimin turned off the music.

It was time to head in for a recording and he cleaned himself off then went back in. It droned on as if there was nothing but problems until finally he was satisfied enough to go home and see his bed empty. No one waiting there. He would not be kissed or hugged or held.

He walked home. It was long but the air was fine. He needed it to remain sane. Once in his room he tried to sleep. But he kept tossing and turning. What if he hadn't always gotten so jealous? If had just been calmer. . . less possessive and needy. . . maybe. . . maybe. . .

He cried, his heart hurt horribly. The pain in his chest refused to leave and everything reminded him of Yoongi. He let his tears and screams run into the pillow, hoping to drown in them. Maybe even find himself in a sea of his own tears.

There was a click as the door opened and Jimin wiped his face. "Hello?" he choked out. Knowing it was one of his hyungs.

"Jimin. . ." an all too familiar and kind but wretched voice answered his call. He threw the pillow at the cause of his misery.

"Jimin wait!" he said. "I'm sorry! I needed to think. You were just too good. Too caring for someone like me. I . . . I thought you were seeing one tlof the others because you were too good." His voice started to waver.

Jimin turned around, his eyes red and puffy. "How could you? It's been months." He stood up and pushed Yoongi to the wall beside the door frame. "You left me!"

"Look, I get it!" Yoongi cried. "I was wrong and I hurt us both in the end. Please! Just. . . forgive me. Take me back! I love you! I said I love you, dammit!"

Jimin was taken aback and found their positions switched. "And I know you may hate me for this, but I can't help myself." And he kissed him. His chapped lips smothered him and neither one could help themselves as they clung to each other. They held tight and let their emotions fall.

When they parted, they leaned their heads in close. Forehead to forehead, breathing in each other's scents. "I love you, Jimin."

"I love you too, Yoongi."

The End.

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Well, I hope you all enjoyed this and thought it was cute! Thank you for reading!

Oh my gosh so good ....it makes you cry lol
thank you, I hope I can continue to make good writing pieces you enjoy πŸ˜‰
OKAY i just read it holy shit you're an amazing writer :'I tears are falling! Tag me in anything BTS related that you write please :D You don't have too, i'll find them anyways c:< lol
Haha thank you and I shall definitely tag you. I'm stoked that you enjoyed it!
I'm glad you like it β€β€πŸ˜„