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ELLO VINGLE FAM! It's been a while that I haven't seen a Screenshot Story Game so I decided to post one up! Here we go! © To Ona- Chi ****************************** Your username is:
“Ha! Killed him again!” You cheer, laughing at the player with the username NoChu. “You really show no mercy, huh?” Your best friend says, shaking his head: (picture below)
“Mercy? What for? Not like I’d take it easy on you, either.” You notice that NoChu had left the game and shrug it off. A few weeks ago, you first met NoChu online as the widowmaker. He had been your first target, and he didn’t seem to take you killing him well, because after that he’d made it his mission to take you down every chance he had. It had gone from easy kills to the two of you trying to strategically outdo the other’s last kill either sneakily or faster. “I think you guys would make good friends,” your best friend commented after you died. “Who?” “You and NoChu.” You raise an eyebrow. “They’re just some other player online. We kill each other whenever we see each other. Ever think the same thing might apply in real life?” Your friend smiles. Uh oh. He’s got an evil glint in his eyes. “Maybe we should find out?” Before you can ask, some other boy walks into the room. You’ve never seen him before, but he’s conveying a smile that shows shyness, amusement, and a competitive streak. “Okay, who is this?” You point at the kid across from you. “Y/N, meet Jeon Jungkook. You know him as NoChu.” Your eyes widen in surprise. You challenge Jungkook’s stare with your own before it slips into a smile. “Nice to meet you, NoChu. Hopefully you won’t die as often from now on.” “Only if you promise to learn how to move your character, rather than camping.” You best friend looks worriedly between the two of you, but after the exchange of threats you both laugh and joke. Jungkook turns to you and asks your age. Turns out you are his:
He smiles at your response like he’s pleased about it. You have mixed feelings on his reaction. “So, you guys wanna head back to my house? We could order take-out and play some more.” Your best friend decided to take a shower, while you and NoChu got acquainted over video games. The two of you acted rather close, despite having physically met only a few hours ago. Maybe killing each other over and over proved to be an effective way to make friends. As you’re playing the game together, he:
“One more game!” Jungkook prompts when you wreck his team. You laugh at the goof. “I’m getting hungry though. Stop being a baby and eat already!” “One more game!” He holds up a finger. “With prizes this time.” “Prizes?” You eye the candy in the kitchen. “Is the pocky up for negotiation?” His expression freezes like he hadn’t even considered losing food in this bet. “...Okay,” he says slowly, scratching his neck nervously. “If you win, you can have my pocky, but if I win…” He points at you, “You have to give me,” he struggles to come up with something and just points at his cheek, “bbo bbo(뽀뽀)?” At first, your eyebrows raise at that sort of request, then you stifle a laugh before it turns into a full blown howl. You might have hurt his leg when you fell over with a bad case of the giggles, but not as much as his pride, which clearly shows Jungkook’s embarrassment, before it turns into what appears to be a three year old pout. You sit up again, wiping tears from your eyes. “Who are you, Jimin? That’s not like you. Asking for such a lame request.” He grumbles, “The side of my mouth then!” That gets you to shut up. Jungkook looks awkwardly to the side, like he can’t believe he’d just said it either. A moment of silence is exchanged between you two. You can’t stand the heavy air and decide to:
“Not like you’d win anyway!” You say quickly, tossing him his controller before picking yours back up. *A few minutes later* “I..I win,” Jungkook states in surprise. “Like you’ve never done that before,” you answer in an attempt to sound natural. You study your hands. They were still shaking. “So, kiss on the cheek then?” Jungkook nods, looking anywhere but your face right now. You clumsily get up to walk to his side, but you trip over this member’s item on the floor: (pic below)
Instead of gingerly sitting beside your nervous friend, you topple over like a stack of bricks and crash into Jungkook with enough force that you’re pretty sure you’ve bruised the poor maknae. Almost instinctively, he reaches out to grab hold of you to steady your fall, but this only manages to make the two of you bump foreheads when you tumble over. You two exchange a set of “ows” in unison on the floor, but while Kookie’s back slammed into the floorboards, you were securely cushioned by his chest. Your head stings as you glance up to check on Jungkook, whose face is much closer than you expected. He makes this expression:
“Am I interrupting something?” You both react instantly. Jungkook shoves you to the side as if he’d just touched fire, and you log roll over until you dizzily smack into the couch. The two of you sit up, trying to look normal. Your best friend laughs, giving you both suggestive looks. “You two look guilty.” “What are you doing here, hyung?” Jungkook asks, rubbing what is probably a throbbing forehead. “I just came to get this,” he leans over and picks up:
The item glares back at you. “So that’s what I tripped over!” You blurt out. “I fell and squished Kookie because of you!” You playfully poke at the other member, who merely laughs at your teasing. “Trip? You sure you guys weren’t just cuddling on the floor?” Your face turns red, and you give him an extra good smack on the arm for measure. “No. I tripped on my way to…” “Claim your prize,” Jungkook finishes. You glance at him, and he tosses a box of strawberry pocky at you. The rest of the night turns out to be extremely awkward. Instead of casually talking or teasing each other, the two of you are careful to not even brush elbows on the table. “Maybe we should watch a movie?” Your friend suggests. You guys nod in unison and call out genres and films. You end up watching:
During the movie, you sit on the couch with a fair amount of space between you and the maknae. At some point, you both fall asleep, and the two of you somehow end up in this position:
Your best friend takes a picture of you two for future blackmail, and then wakes you up. “It’s getting late, guys. Jungkookie, be a gentleman and walk her home.” On your walk home, the two of you encounter a vendor with a “test your strength” machine. “Willing to play for your girlfriend?” The man asks with a grin. Jungkook shakes his head nervously. “She’s not my girlfriend.” “Maybe she would be if you won her a prize.” He gestures to the wall of items to win. “Just gotta take the mallet and hit this pressure plate to see how strong you are." Jungkook nods, with a competitive glint in his eyes, and grabs the mallet from the man. It goes up all the way until the bell gives out a soft ding. Jungkook ends up winning you:
You laugh at the gift. "I know exactly what I'll call you from now on!"
During your walk, Jungkook stops to take a selfie, and the two of you take one together. It turns out like this:
“No, I look terrible in that photo. Delete it!” Jungkook holds the phone up above his head and sticks his tongue out at you. “Come get it then.” You decide to throw him off by:
You hear your phone hit the concrete, and rush over to rescue it. “Oh, no! My baby. Are you okay?!” You check to make sure it’s still working and breathe a sigh of relief. Jungkook awkwardly stands to the side, his face a mix of horror and giddiness. Why are you blushing?” You ask. Jungkook denies this and grumbles, “I’m not.” “You totally are! Are you scared of girls or something? Do I make you nervous?” You laugh. Jungkook gets you to stop making fun of him by:
You end up walking to the beach instead of your house for whatever reason. The sun was just setting. Jungkook turned to you and asked, "Will you-
You happily agree and the two of you walk hand in hand along the sand. A few weeks later, the two of you are officially together. You’re going on another date with Jungkook, that promises carbs and bowling. You get a mischievous thought and decide to scare Jungkook. You gasp and point behind him, shouting, “Look, it’s-”
Jungkook frowns as you laugh at him jumping in surprise. He pouts most of the time but you eventually get back on his good side. The two of you head to the bowling alley. You make a bet that the loser has to give the winner something on them. The winner is:
If Jungkook wins, you give him your:
If you win, Jungkook gives you his:
On your date, the two of you go shopping and get matching:
After an eventful day, Jungkook walks you home. He puts aside his nerves to give you a kiss:
Your reaction:
The date ends with:
The End! *******************************************************************



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